Going abroad for a vacation or tour is fascinating! You would be gone for a few days or weeks, catch all the fun in the new country then return home. However, the story is different when it comes to moving to a new country permanently, especially when you are going there to work.

It is common for global companies to require your high skills and talents to work with them irrespective of your country. This of course is a great idea. You enjoy the privileges of working abroad which include an improvement in your skills, getting to meet experts from different countries and a more broadened perspective about your life and profession. But before you can move to a new country to work, there are a few hurdles to cross.

Let’s assume you land your dream job in a beautiful country; you might want to research the steps and procedures involved in relocating. You’ll need legal advice and help from immigration solicitors in Birmingham to navigate the often complicated UK immigration process.

Below are some tips that you will find helpful in preparing for your move abroad for work.

Know the legal requirements for a working immigrant.

First and foremost, you need a valid passport and visa to move anywhere as a migrant. The type of visa to apply for depends on your reasons for relocating. You will also need a job permit since you are going there for work. Not that every country offers different types of work visas. This means you have to your research based on the type of visa you are applying for.

If you have a job already, your employers can take up the responsibility of applying for your work visa. You should clarify if your employer will provide you with a certificate of sponsorship before accepting the position. You may also be required to prove your eligibility such as funds, language proficiency, skills, and so on. These requirements may differ based on your country of origin. Some countries will allow you to move in even without a job already. But you will still need to get a work visa which makes it legally possible for you to work as a foreigner.

Scale your salary with the cost of living in your new location

You should make research your new location and the cost of living there. You should be able to afford a comfortable life with your salary and also save up. If this is not possible, then moving might not be worth it. Are you moving with your family? Then the salary should meet your family’s needs. Does your new work provide grants and allowances? Are they bearing the cost of your relocation or providing accommodation? These are questions you will need answers to in order to determine the convenience of your relocation.

Know your employer

Before you relocate you should find out more about how things are done in your new company. Know if they have an organized structure that will aid your promotion. If the company's standards are what you want for you and your career. Find out about the rules and work ethic. Are you both on the same page, or you sense there might be problems.

Adapting to the lifestyle of your new location

Moving to a new country means you will have to learn to adapt to your new location. You have to adapt to the climate, work ethic, language culture, and lifestyle. You can travel down to explore your new locations or consult immigration solicitors for more information. While ensuring that this new location will be suitable for you, you can also work on establishing a social network in the new country before your arrival. This will make settling in easier when you eventually arrive.

Family factor

Family is always at the centre of every decision. Before relocating, you should find out the possibility of you taking your family along and what the visa application process will be in this case. Sometimes, moving with your family might be too complicated and you’ll have to settle for visiting. In some cases, you may be able to bring your family over after working for a while.


Moving to a new country permanently can be daunting. But you will find it slightly easier if you get all the help you need. These tips alongside the help of immigration solicitors will help you navigate the process of relocating on a work basis and settle in just fine in your new location.