Travel software development is one of the most popular areas in IT. With the advent of the pandemic, this sector first stopped developing and then got a second wind. Tourism business owners, together with developers, began to release new original solutions to the market. Today we will talk about which technologies are most in demand. We will also show examples of successful projects so that you can better navigate in which direction to develop your business.

Explore technology trends

Blockchain, of course. So far, this is too energy-consuming for mobile applications. But technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is worth keeping your nose downwind (the wind of change is blowing after all). Or at least remember that security and data protection is a hot trend. And this is for a long time.

Internet of Things. Yes, phones are already smarter than us, and soon we seem to be completely past the point of no return. But there is nothing to do. Home appliance applications, smart infrastructure, and smart home are just gaining popularity.

Augmented reality. AR technologies make games and applications more interesting. This is another vector of development. Go for it.

Top programming languages:

  • Kotlin;
  • Swift;
  • JavaScript;
  • Objective-C.
Moreover, the trend is back in react native development. After several years of popularization of hybrid applications, people realized that they still cannot achieve such speed and clarity of work as in native applications.

Interesting application examples

Mobile apps have taken independent travel to the next level. All the possibilities of a small travel agency now fit easily in your pocket. GPS and maps, currency calculator and city guide, dictionary and convenient hotel search. A competent set of applications helps you plan your trips and save time, money and nerves while sitting in a cafe, driving a taxi or lying in bed.

PackPoint - list of things

You can set the city, date, length of the trip and indicate what you will do (for example, go to restaurants and lie on the beach), and the application, based on the weather forecast, will give a ready-made list of things. The excess can be removed, and your favourite mug can be added. Mark each item in the app when you put it in your suitcase, then you definitely don't miss anything.

Skyscanner - flights, hotels, car rental

The Skyscanner app instantly finds cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. If you have flexible plans, choose an entire month instead of specific dates and get a price chart showing which day the flight is cheaper. For inspiration, click Search Everywhere and find out where is the most profitable flight from your city. Check out the best deals for the weekend or top destinations in one click. When you select tickets, Skyscanner will redirect you to the purchase page and will not charge any commission for it. At the same time, find a hotel and a car for rent wherever you are flying.

Flightradar24 - aircraft tracking

Find a flight in the search by its number, select on the map or simply point your phone at the sky, and the application will name the type of aircraft, airline, route, speed, altitude, departure and arrival times. Watch as Boeings and Airbuses cross the Main Caucasus Range or fly over the ocean, and in the paid version you can view the entire route in 3D, including the view from the cockpit. All this inspires more abruptly than pictures from heavenly places, and you also stop worrying if relatives or friends are flying somewhere over the Atlantic right now.