The mysterious and complex world of SEO can seem like a nightmare; the more involved you get, the more complex the issues become, and while link building is an important aspect of your SEO, there are many types.

The Google Penguin Update

In 2012, Google announced the arrival of their Penguin Update, which was created to resolve the manipulation that digital marketers used and to be honest, it was about time. Prior to the Penguin Update, all you had to do was fill up a website with relevant keywords and hey presto! You would be on page 1 of the search results. This was aimed at unethical SEO agencies that were buying backlinks from link mills and with that in mind, here are some of the types of backlinks and how Google ranks them.

Guest Post Outreach Links - This involves writing guest blogs for other websites and these articles contain links to your landing page, which is a great way to build inbound links. One business might exchange guest blogs with another, which benefits both businesses and the content is industry-specific. Google has warned about creating many guest blog posts, so you have to be very careful when creating guest post backlinks. Using link building services in Sydney or in any other location from a leading SEO agency is the best approach.

Blog Comment Links - The bad news is that Google can ignore these backlinks if they feel that a webmaster is overdoing things, which means you must be very careful when putting links in blog comments. If for any reason, Google thinks you are link-scheming, they will penalise your website and that is not something you want to occur.

Link Exchanges - Two webmasters might agree to post a link on their website to each other, which is a reciprocal exchange that can benefit both parties. Much like blog comment links, Google can penalise a website if they think that links are being exchanged for money or other assets, so you should be very careful about this.

Directory Backlinks - Known also as ‘link directories’, putting links in online business directories was once popular. However, today, there are others that build links without considering the quality of the online directory. Having lots of low-quality directory backlinks does not offer any real benefits from a webmaster’s perspective, so you should take great care with directory backlinks.

Private Blog Network Links - PBN links can be shared between a network of websites and Google has become much better at discovering these. Technically, this falls under a ‘link scheme’, which you can be penalised over.

Article Directory Backlinks - These directories are full of articles, which are usually under many different categories, which are also known as ‘content farms’. Google has said on several occasions that it regards article directory backlinks as spammy in nature and its algorithms can easily filter them out.

The best way to get the most out of SEO is to enlist the help of a leading SEO agency, as they have the skill and the resources to deliver the right results.