Nursing is one of those toughest jobs that require women to be on their feet for the longest hours. The job has become even more daunting and many nurses have lost their lives during the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the requirement of perfect and most comfortable nursing shoes is imminent. One can easily check nurse sneakers for women online and get one that offers a high level of comfort and perfect fitting. Here are some tips for buying the best one for yourself.

Check for cushioning and supporting the arch

Proper cushioning and arch support are essential for imparting comfort to the shoes. Supporting the arch can be great for improving the posture and preventing back pain. Also, the cushioning will help in absorbing all the impact from movements like running and walking.

It even provides some level of internal suspension. This effect prevents the ankles, hips, and knees from wearing down and becoming sore.

Great level of grip

Floors in the hospital are slippery and can be dangerous for the nurse as well as the patient. Therefore, choosing shoes with rubber soles and good treading becomes important.

The best nursing sneakers will have deep and excellent groove making that does not wear down easily and provide excellent grip even on wet surfaces. So, to prevent slips and falls, the grip should be taken into consideration.

The toe box should be wide

It is natural to stretch out toes during the long shifts of the hospital. However, the usual fits are not able to provide enough room for it and there is no time for flexing feet out of the shoes in nursing.

Thus, having sneakers with plenty of foot room can be a way out. For this, one can buy sizes half a level up from the usual.

One can also look out for interchangeable sole options for these sneakers. They might also have the options for orthotic inserts that keep the joints on the footings, breathable and flexible. This will also provide additional comfort and protection to the toes and make working in the long run easy.

Choosing between leather or mesh

Using sneakers can surely be a good decision when it comes to painless working all day long. It even provides breathability to the feet and prevents the formation of bacteria and infection on the skin. Plus, being made from mesh they are extremely light as well.

Leather does have its own benefits in terms of cleaning, but it seldom matters when it comes to long shifts of more than twelve hours.

Alternative options

Sneakers provide a more adaptable option in terms of regular use. As they are flexible and breathable they do not trap much odour and infection.

Therefore, a pair can be used on a repetitive basis without the fear of infections like the Athlete’s foot and other injuries. Plus, they can easily be cleaned and dried on off days with simple detergents and soaps keeping them as healthy and clean as ever.