Barbershops fulfil the grooming needs of men. One of the biggest reasons to visit a barbershop is that professional barbers specialize in offering different types of men’s hairstyles. One can experience top-quality results after getting a haircut from a person who has in-depth knowledge. Plus, the barbers are trained to use different tools to provide better services to their clients. Not only do they cut hairs, but also they offer services like beard maintenance, close shaves, and moustache grooming. So, it becomes easier for men to get completed grooming at a barbershop. Most of these people don’t bother to check the cleanliness of the shops before paying them a visit. It’s because they don’t realize the increased chances of spreading diseases due to poor hygiene of a barber shop.

One must check the cleanliness of these shops before visiting them. All these shops must be cleaned and sanitized frequently to avoid any infections. The covid-19 outbreak has made it important for every salon and barbershop to keep their facilities clean and sanitized. Knowing how the barbers clean their furniture, tools and the entire shop will add a special touch to one’s experience. The licensed barbershops always maintain the government-sanctioned rules for maintaining cleanliness, especially during covid-19. However, a lot of people don’t understand how they should evaluate the cleanliness or sanitization of a barbershop before visiting. It can expose them to various ailments in the long run. So, let’s take a look at the industry standards cleaning or sanitizing practices that barbershops should leverage,

The Shop Must be Cleaned!

The barber shop should not only follow the best grooming tips, but also they should follow the best cleaning tips to avoid any potential danger. The process of disinfecting the facility comes after cleaning it. However, a lot of people still believe that they should only care about the disinfection process of the barbershop and not the cleaning process. But, the top barber shops in Dubai always make sure they clean their facilities first before beginning the sanitization process. The disinfectants only work once the room is cleaned. So, it’s important to deal with the dirt and debris at first. To achieve the desired result, the barbershops must ensure removing the dust, mopping the floor, washing the towels, and cleaning the accumulation of debris on furniture regularly. Plus, they must ensure that all the handles, surfaces and tables are regularly cleaned.

It Should Follow the Best Sanitization Practices

It’s significant to sanitize the barbershop regularly to avoid any potential danger. Especially, as the world is navigating the covid-19 pandemic, every barbershop needs to follow the sanitization practices properly. They must sanitize not only the scissors, clips, and combs but also the waiting areas, chairs, doors, restrooms, and countertops. Moreover, every piece of furniture that has been touched by a patient must be cleaned. Barbers can use the EPA-registered disinfectants to sanitize the facility. Soft surfaces like clothing items, aprons, sofas should be sanitized too. In reputed barber shops, the experts have removed the sitting arrangements during the covid-19 time to discourage customers from sitting in close proximity with one another. Also, they should follow strict guidelines for maintaining social distancing measures. The customers, employees, and everyone who comes up in the shop must wear a face mask before entering.

Check the Sterilising Methods of the Shop

The most difficult task for a barber is to clean their tools and equipment like clippers, scissors, tweezers, and nail cutters. A lot of barbershops don't only offer hair cutting solutions but also other services as well. So, it requires them to clean each of the different equipment after every use. So, the best part of ensuring that the germs or viruses don’t stick to this equipment is to practice the sterilizing methods. One can use a sterilizing machine to auto-clean the tools. Also, other items like brushes, bowls, or combs can be washed in Luke-warm water and sanitized. After cleaning these tools and equipment, the customers should check whether the barbers have kept it properly or not. This is an important step to follow before visiting a barbershop.

Check the Personal Hygiene of the Barbers

People often ignore the personal hygiene habits of the barbers. But, it’s an important aspect to consider ensuring the ultimate cleanliness of the facility. The barbers must wash their hands frequently, wear gloves and PPE equipment, and maintain social distancing to stop the spread of germs during their work. After all, barbers mostly work in close proximity with people and touch a lot of times. So, wearing masks, gloves and a PPE kit can keep everyone safe.

Making sure that the barbershop is hygienic and clean takes a little work. But, once the experts incorporate this routine every day, it becomes easy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Sanitization isn’t something optional in today’s time. It’s a necessity to ensure the safety of people. So, keep checking these above-mentioned points before visiting a barbershop.

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