Nowadays thyroid diseases become more and more difficult to cope with. There are different ways of curing such conditions, however, it may be too complicated to choose a proper treatment for each patient. According to British scientific research, carbimazole is one of the most effective ways of curing illnesses connected with the thyroid gland, including autoimmune thyroiditis of the thyroid gland (AIT) and diffuse toxic goitre (DTG). Luckily, you can buy carbimazole capsules in Sydney, but only in Kennedy’s Pharmacy.

What is the effect of carbimazole?

Depending on their dosage, carbimazole capsules slow down the embedding of iodine into tyrosine. As a result, an additional synthesis of thyroid hormones stops as well. Thanks to the healing properties of this medicine, there is an opportunity to conduct symptomatic treatment of hyperthyroidism, despite its aetiology. It doesn’t influence the secretion of already synthesized hormones of the thyroid gland. The medication also doesn’t have an effect on hyperthyroidism because of the release of hormones after the exudation of thyroid cells, for example, after going on a course of radiotherapy or thyroiditis.

Pharmacy in Sydney: Pharmacokinetics of carbimazole

It’s worth buying carbimazole capsules because this substance is quickly and fully absorbed. Immediately after the absorption, it is converted into its active form - thiamazole. After taking 15 mg of carbimazole for 25-72 minutes, there is a possibility to reach a maximum serum level of -150 ng / nl.

Then thiamazole is slowly metabolized, and because its duration of action is more directly related to the concentration of the medication in the thyroid than to its plasma half-life, this results in a prolongation of ant thyroid activity and gives an almost 24-hour lasting of carbimazole capsules action. This fact allows the patient to take it once a day.


There is a list of precautions from the pharmacy in Sydney for those who plan to start taking carbimazole, including:
  • Individual hypersensitivity to carbimazole, thiamazole or any other components of the medication.
  • Severe disorders of the blood system, severe liver failure, cholestasis.
  • Simultaneous use of radioactive iodine preparations.
  • Additional therapy with the use of thyroid hormones during pregnancy.
  • Acute pancreatitis in the anamnesis after taking carbimazole or thiamazole.

Why should you buy carbimazole capsules?

British experts have formulated several provisions governing the treatment of patients with AIT. Patients with AIT type 1 are advised to prescribe ant thyroid drugs (carbimazole, methimazole, propylthiouracil). At the same time, the doses of thermostatic slightly exceed the dosages used for the treatment of diffuse toxic goitre (DTG).

Such a gradual release of the active substance directly in the body is more physiological and can significantly reduce the risk of undesirable phenomena or completely prevent their occurrence. Therefore, carbimazole therapy is preferred and is associated with higher efficacy and a better safety profile. If you need to buy carbimazole in Australia, choose the pharmacy in Sydney, as this drug can be purchased only there. The use of carbimazole makes it possible to prescribe it for a long time, more successfully complete the required course of treatment and achieve clinical remission of hyperthyroidism.