Bishop Israel Makamu

Bishop Makamu confessed that he takes responsibility of the conversation, but after listening to his explanation further, people say Makamu should have just stayed away from Amabishop. Yesterday’s episode has changed everything.

Makamu was in the spotlight recently when a recording of him allegedly asking a then 17-year-old girl for sex went viral. Makamu defended himself on the show.

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Many people thought that he made a mistake just like everyone else, after all, he is a human being. But after his confession on Amabishop yesterday, people start to doubt his intentions. If Makamu was really asking for a key, why would he apologize? He even went as far as stepping down from being a Reatsotella presenter on Moja Love. Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.

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reported that Bishop Makamu has voluntarily stepped down from the Moja Love channel pending an internal investigation after a recording "with sexual connotations" was circulated on social media, the channel announced. The hashtag #BishopMakamu is trending high on Twitter on Wednesday, 12 May as tweeps share their thoughts on the leaked recording.

In the clip, Makamu has a conversation with a woman, who is a congregation member, and many people assumed that he was asking her for sex. Moja Love issued a statement late on Tuesday, 11 May and said they'll be conducting a rigorous internal investigation regarding the matter before Bishop Makamu is reinstated back to the channel.

People say Amabishop must invite “daddy’s girl” on their platform, to tell the nation her side of the story. Makamu is trying very hard to clear his name, but he is using a wrong procedure that will never work.

According to Moja Love, Makamu maintained that he is innocent and said the recording dates back to 2017. He said the lady in the recording worked for him and denied their conversation was sexual in any manner. Makamu claimed it had been altered to extort money from him.