Chances are, by now, you've heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum. These online methods of payment are all the rage in the modern tech world, taking over from the physical transactions of handing dollars over to the cashier at the local grocery store. However, purchasing these methods of digital payment can be confusing - and we don’t blame you.

If you are confused by the purpose of digital currency and don't know where to start, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world have read the benefits of investing, but don’t want to risk their money for something that will not pay off.

Learning how to purchase digital money can seem confusing at first, but by following our how-to guide, you will become an investing expert in no time. Buying online money can be a dynamic and exciting way to accrue financial savings without using a traditional bank account.

Steps of how to buy cryptocurrency

When first learning how to buy cryptocurrency, it can seem confusing, especially because it is a non-tangible item that is not there for you to see. Luckily, the process of buying has been made much simpler in the past few months due to the ever-growing popularity of the cryptocurrency world.
  • Location - make sure you check your country’s regulations to see what websites you can use when figuring out how to buy cryptocurrency.
  • Payment method - do you want to pay by direct debit or bank transfer? You can even use cash in some places to purchase cryptocurrency. Determine if the website you are browsing takes your preferred payment method before purchasing any digital payment.
  • Types of cryptocurrency - say you want to purchase 1 Ethereum, but the website does not have it as an option. In that case, you need to find the website that has the digital currency you are purchasing when learning how to buy cryptocurrency.
  • Fees of purchasing - just like most businesses or services, each cryptocurrency website has fees for buying the online digital currency. Some fees are inexpensive, taking around $10 per purchase, while others are much more expensive. Make sure you know the regulations and the fees before buying any crypto online!
  • How much can you spend? - Although spending money online with a digital wallet can seem like you are spending play money, this is your real hard-earned income going towards an investment. So - how much are you willing to spend? Your investment should never be more than you can afford to lose at a certain time.

Cryptocurrency wallet

When buying cryptocurrency online, you will be using something called the cryptocurrency wallet. This is the location in which you store your cryptocurrency after you have bought them to keep track of your purchases and your current gain or loss. You can compare this wallet with your traditional bank account to see your investment return. There are certain tools you can use to make sure that your payments are encrypted, secure, and anonymous to protect your information, your investments, and your finances as a whole.


Although it can be confusing when first learning how to buy cryptocurrency, you need to figure out the basic process and steps to successfully and safely buy items like Ethereum or Bitcoin to grow your digital wallet.