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What is the importance of plug-ins? If you need to work faster, you have to stay updated with the functionalities. Be it google docs, XD, Figma or WordPress. Now, we have seen people work an objective, difficult way around. Things that could be done in seconds and with minimal effort were being performed in a more complex manner, which also took more time and mental energy.

So, we understood the problem. Firstly, the problem is that users are unaware, and secondly, they are unsure if they can trust third-party extensions with their work process. Although this is not a promotional article, it is our effort to bring to your knowledge 3 WordPress plug-ins that you must have to work like a pro.

3 WordPress Plugins That You Must Have

It is not easy to start a blog, but there is always a more innovative & easy way to do a task, and in these modern times, the prospective clause ‘smarter way’ seems to have a synonym - ‘Plug-Ins’. Also, we understand that all work can be done without plug-ins. It’s just that plug-ins work as a task force, and all your different needs meet their solutions in a single place. For instance, you have written dialogue, and the script requires a revision along with the stances, all in ‘Title Case.

This can leave you frustrated after three nights of work, and now you must go through it again? Now, re-reading all the written work is always an option. You can rewrite all the stances, find each critical word in the sentence and change their capitalisation. And if you leave a comma misplaced, the whole write-up needs proofreading again.

Or, else, you can do it more promptly, but how? Find the proper plug-ins that suit your purpose and apply them to stay on the same page, relax and see the technology do the work for you within seconds. However, only some plug-ins are safe and effective. Sometimes they perform poorly. The thing is, many plug-ins aren’t even true to the name they carry. It requires a keen eye to look out for the needle in the hay and I believe that many such needles are ready to be found. So, we did the task for you, and as we proceed, embrace your work cycle with these three best free WordPress plug-ins. Muster along!


Do you know if your website doesn’t load up in under three seconds, users will lose all possible interest in your product/service? An optimised site is a sign of premium experience and trustworthy services. Today's websites are more interactive and graphically appealing than ten years ago. One such purpose is fulfilled by using ultra-clear and high-definition images. But these images take up a lot of space. The data used in storing and hosting them from the server to the specific run involves a lot of congestion, resulting in more extraordinary loading times.

Optimal is one such extension, the best of its kind, which allows your site to utilise and transfer the minimum possible data by optimising the images. Is the quality reduced? No. Does the website get slow? No. Do the users feel good? Yes. Does the user spend more time on your website? Definitely yes.

The optimal extension- Optimole, works on a cloud-based engine that ensures that the images are optimised once and for all. However, another good feature is that the photos, once optimised, also become responsive. This means that the same site, whether on a PC, tablet or phone, will confer pictures in the best quality according to the size of the screen it has been opened in.

You need to pay a price of about $22 each month if you cross 5000 visits any month. So it is free, up to a limit. Since it is a cloud-based engine, it can also bulk optimise any and all of the images uploaded to the website server. It works for both formats, JPEG and PNG. Additionally, it can support retina images, too, besides WebP. Optimal utilises global CDN and is appropriately compatible with Elementor or other page builders.


For all your SEO needs, YoastSEO is the one-stop tool that can deliver all the solutions to SEO issues. When we talk about SEO, a lot of it confines the content meta-description. Unless an experienced, well-trained curator is there for the website to look out for things with a keen eye. Your content might leak out the provision of professional output. To rank among the top sites for a search result, be it a keyword, readability or ease of reading, keeping into account the originality at the topmost.

Yoast SEO is the tool that does the job for you. Yoast’s popularity is known in the world of blogging and marketing. Yoast SEO has its own website, which again offers quite a handful of exquisite features which are nowhere to be found.

Whenever you write a blog or content, Yoast SEO constantly shows you the corrections, modifications, readability and other various options to ensure that the content ranks. It offers us a real-time preview of your Google search result once you publish it online.

The benefit of this is that when it is in front of you, you can tweak the meta description, keywords, and other relevant features of your content. Human error is an avoidable reality, so Yoast SEO rechecks for you if you have repeated sentences, lines or words too often. It checks paragraph length, word structure, sentence length, Flesch reading rate, passive words, transition words, etc. The price is $89 for a year, which is applicable for a single website only.

Envira Gallery

The central part of content curation is finding and utilising beautiful and professional images, be it your blog, website, project or portfolio. So, Envira Gallery is a plug-in for WordPress which intimately offers a more effortless drag-and-drop photo functionality. Some significant features of Envira Gallery are that it enables you to arrange and rearrange all the photos and videos, whichever is needed. Additionally, Envira is good at offering pre-designed templates through which proper and impressive forms can be made within seconds. Besides, you don’t have to worry about your images killing the speed of your website.

All the elements are highly optimised and responsive to the screen size. A few animations or transitions are also there to add up spice to your work. Envira even has an exquisite collection of gallery templates and themes.

With Envira gallery, you can make SEO-friendly galleries inclusive of deep linking and metadata. There are options to import photos from various optional platforms, including Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr, etc. You can upload your original images to Envira with proofing, and you do not need a developer for the same. So, you can get a lifetime subscription for just $299. However, there are other impressive pocket-friendly subscription prices. Envira Gallery can also be used for free with limited resources.


If you are a WordPress user, even an amateur, you need your best interests directed towards the utilities and updates WordPress keeps offering. Apart from this, the third-party resources and plug-ins will awe your performance and liberation. Liberation? Yes, time liberation, stress liberation, and useless effort liberation.

With this article on 3 WordPress Plugins You Must Have, get started on them as soon as possible. And, if you find them useful enough, it would excite us to know about the same. Any other suggestions or queries in mind? Feel free to connect with us via the comment box below.

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