Data centres are the networked computer servers that allow organizations to store and process data. Some companies, especially large corporations, have their own data centres at the same location as their office. Since these companies have large-scale data processing, they can afford to have their own data centres.

On the other hand, many companies prefer third-party data centres like the data centre interconnect. The main advantage of using a third-party data centre is the cost is significantly less. Moreover, there is 24/7 customer support from most of the popular data centres. In this article, you will learn about the factors that you need to consider before choosing a third-party data centre. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Third-Party Data Centre

An enterprise must specify its own business needs before selecting a data centre. Here are some important factors that you need to consider while choosing a third-party data centre. 

1) Location

The first thing you need to consider is the location of the data centre. Since the location has an impact on the speed, it’s essential to consider the distance between your office and the data centre. Choose a data centre that is not too far from your office location. 

Next, you need to also think about natural disaster-prone regions. It’s a better option if you choose a data centre that has a separate power grid. It helps you to keep your site operating even if there is a regional power outage. Also, consider data centre relocation if you already have an existing data centre provider. 

2) Tier Classification

The next thing is to check the tier classification. You don’t need to know every technicality of tier classification, but you need a general idea for choosing the right data centre for your business. Let’s get a clear idea by comparing tier I with tier IV. The higher the tier of the data centre, the better the service with high up-time and less failure during any power outages. 

You should choose a data centre that is comparable with your company size, industry, infrastructure requirement, data load, and uptime requirements. These are the crucial things that you need to consider while choosing a data centre. 

3) Security

Another top priority of choosing a data centre is security. Both physical and online security is crucial for your business. For physical security, the data centre must be protected 24/7 with guards. 

There must be closed-circuit security systems to capture the footage of the facility. Lastly, there should be multilayer access control with multiple guard stations for accessing the server room. Apart from that, the data centre needs to provide a high level of security for cyberattacks. 

4) Backup & Recovery

The third-party data centre must have exclusive backup & recovery options during outages. The outages can be due to manmade mistakes, natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. 

A backup and recovery option helps you to protect your data. Moreover, the third-party data centre should provide a service level agreement specifying the expected downtime during outages and when it can be recovered. 

5) Connectivity 

Finally, connectivity plays a significant role in choosing a data centre. Many data centres have multiple locations so that they can provide better services near telecommunication hubs for better connectivity, high bandwidth, scalability, flexibility, and convenience. 

So, these are some factors that an enterprise must take into consideration before selecting for their data storage and processing. Learn more about networking which has better capability and services. Software-defined networking is becoming increasingly popular currently. 

The Bottom Line

Considering these factors will help you choose the right data centres. Apart from the above factors, you can also look for pricing, greener options, speed, support, flexibility, and scalability. Above all, it’s crucial to specify your business needs. Since every business has different requirements, it’s essential to know which type of server is suitable for you. 

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