Life insurance is a staple for homeowners of all ages. The safety net that a life insurance policy provides is second to none when it comes to creating peace of mind for you and your family. The harsh truth is that we all will die; some of us will go well after we reach the centennial, and others far too soon. To make matters worse, there’s no natural way to predict this.

Homebuyers are particularly vulnerable to the machinations of life. The average first-time homebuyer in the United States is 34, aligning perfectly with marriage and early child-rearing years. The transition from the late twenties to early thirties is loaded with essential events for most Americans, and these are often some of the most cash-intensive years.

Raising a child, for instance, costs just over $233,000, from birth to the age of seventeen, on average. Pair this with a multi-decade home mortgage expense, and homeowners must remain employed and work toward increased financial security for their family and personal monetary needs.

Life insurance acts as a crucial backstop.

Because of these overlapping, high-importance financial obligations, life insurance is necessary for your family. Many homebuyers have been saving for years to raise the capital required for the down payment on their first home. In addition, they’ve created a steady cash flow that will buoy their family through the coming twenty-plus years of monthly payments on the mortgage loan. Building upon this foundation is the goal, but the death of a spouse can bring incredible chaos into an otherwise happy marriage and life. On top of the grief and pain that a death in the family brings to those left behind, the financial burden of a wage earner’s death can quickly compound the heartache.

In a single-income family with no backup plan, a death can immediately and irrevocably destroy the lifestyle and stability that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Life insurance coverage from a reputable insurance company eliminates this added hardship. Many providers offer a life insurance quote, making taking out a policy to protect your family from the unknown incredibly easy.

Select policies can even help you in a jam.

Above and beyond the financial protection that life insurance provides in the event of a tragedy, an insurance policy can even help you battle against an unexpected expense. Window replacement and residential glass needs are everyday for homeowners from all walks of life. With a policy that adds in-home coverage for specific emergencies, you can rest assured that your home will always be protected (for residential glass emergencies, get in touch with your local expert).

Expanded financial freedom is an included benefit.

Life insurance allows you to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor to the fullest. Homeowners with young families often worry about what they will leave behind for their children. This question only grows with time. A great way to provide a significant inheritance for your family is to boost your life insurance coverage as you age.

The death benefit paid out to your named beneficiaries can range from tens of thousands of dollars to well over a million, depending on your premiums, medical exam results, and life insurance policy terms. To build upon your estate meaningfully, pumping free cash into a life insurance payout is a great way to leave a financial safety net for your children or spouse. In addition to the hedge that insurance death benefits give against any outstanding debts, this approach can generate absolute, meaningful financial freedom for those you leave behind.

Life insurance is a must for homeowners of any age. Make sure you weigh your options today.