Cyber Security

First, many countries have cybersecurity acts implemented that demand organizations adhere to specific guidelines when dealing with personal data. Thus, most data handlers cannot use credentials without permission from the data owners. In case of any data breaches, companies are highly fined. The Act imposes a 4 percent fine on the company's annual earnings. But apart from this, there are other reasons why cybersecurity is crucial, as revealed by Mainframe Solutions. This article reveals such reasons exclusively.

What is DNS security filtering?

DNS filtering uses the domain name system to block malicious websites and filter out harmful or inappropriate content. This ensures that company data remains secure and allows companies to control what their employees can access on company-managed networks.

Cybercrime has increased and evolved.

In the past few years, there have been giant leaps in the technological realm. Consequently, criminals have come up with advanced strategies to conduct cybercrimes. Every day, they unleash a new approach to executing their crimes. It is reported that the recent attacks have been launched using artificial intelligence. This makes them more intelligent, and their destructive capability is above average. Thus, cybersecurity is needed because cybercrime is increasing and evolving at a high pace.

Cyber-attacks impact businesses negatively

So many have been incidences of cyber-atta cyber attacks, losing vast money. Besides, other firms have considerable losses in terms of intellectual property. Indeed, a firm that needs to have effective cybersecurity strategies can easily be a target of cyber-attacks. Ideally, the attack will pose a negative impact that may sabotage the business or derail its operations for some time. This connotes that your company will not be able to continue serving its service customers, may lose intellectual property, or may even lose its corporate information.

Cyber-attacks cause substantial damage to the victims.

Causing harm is the main aim of cyber attackers. The attackers steal data, lock out legal users, install malware to enable them to access the systems remotely and execute other harmful acts to just cause harm to the victim. This harm could lead to severe damages that may require vast sums of money to fix; a lot of time could be consumed trying to bring it back to normal or even lead to loss of jobs.

Cybersecurity impacts everyone

You probably agree that all other road users will be safe if you drive safely. This concept applies to the online community. If cybersecurity is developed and maintained, everyone online will be safe from cyber attackers. This is one of the key reasons why cybersecurity is very crucial.

Thus, anyone using the internet must employ even local cybersecurity strategies. An infected device can infect all other company or organization devices. Therefore, everyone must ensure their passwords are kept secret and that none is widely shared. All online accounts must be protected with solid passwords; if any verification is required, it must be two-step. This makes it hard for an attacker to access online accounts.


Cybersecurity is important. Until now, no one can dispute that almost everyone is affected by cyber-attacks. As explained above, a business will incur huge losses if they are attacked by cyber attackers. Thus, they should have effective cybersecurity strategies. Our online accounts must always have strong passwords alongside a two-step verification process. The damages caused by cyber-attacks can be costly, time-consuming, and even lead to complete disruption of operations in a company. Thus, any company or organization that wants to safeguard its data must employ effective cybersecurity strategies from day one. However, remember that it all begins with you observing the use of strong passwords and ensuring that you keep them a secret.