Bangalore is one of the prominent locations for all corporate transactions in India. Many people outside of Bangalore have moved to the city for educational as well as career aspects. For the same reason, the housing possibilities of the place are numerous. Hebbal and Manyata Tech are two main housing options for many residents in Bangalore.

There are many flats near Manyata tech park that are in huge demand. Hebbal is a locality that is very close to the Bangalore international airport. This may make it a perfect choice for people whose job requires them to travel constantly. The place is also close to other facilities, including the Columbia Asia hospital and the Esteem mall. All these reasons make Hebbal a leading choice in a residential locality.

Manyata tech is a software technology area in Bangalore. The people living here are mostly the ones who work in the IT field. There are various other facilities in the area, including the Manyata Embassy Business Park, which spreads across 300 acres.

Bangalore is known as the silicon valley of India. As the nation’s leading IT exporters, the place has earned its name for having seamless connectivity and climate. These have attracted some good real estate investors. Investment in real estate in Bangalore even offers a return on the investment and provides rental income. The people belonging to this place are diverse, ranging from students to professionals. For the same reason, there are various types of optional houses available in these places. This article will talk about the best options to buy a home near Hebbal and Manyata Tech.

Residential Apartments

Those who prefer a more extended stay in the city can invest in a house with many long-term benefits. Investing in a house can cut the cost of paying rents every month and allows one to use the same for other investments.

The residential options range from 2, 3 and 4 BHK, along with the additional amenities like swimming pools, gym, yoga, play area, jogging track and many more. The atmosphere of most of the flats holds a bold, sophisticated and luxurious edge to it. Usually, the complex would consist of a minimum of three tower blocks with two extreme towers having two-bedroom units, while the centre one would have three to four units. Hebbal and Manyata Tech are two conventional places near other facilities like parks, colleges, schools, restaurants and various other amenities and living there will surely be beneficial.


For those who prefer having their freedom and space, going for villas is a good choice. Moreover, it is the best choice for high-level professionals who have a good salary package. Villas also come in 2 to 4 BHKs with access to a lot of other facilities. Villas come with freedom for personal design and choice and come with a higher value. The place calls for privacy and also offers good security. There are many villas of various types and designs that are available in Hebbal and Manyata Tech Park. The proximity to other facilities makes it an appreciable choice for many.

Additional Facilities

Owning a flat or villa offers various other facilities, which include:
  • Community spaces: The complexes would have a huge interlinked terrace which would be a community space. The terraces are also designed to contain sky gardens and decks, play areas, landscape zones and many more. They can also be used as clubhouses that provide an unhindered view in all directions. Some complexes would even have a glass sky bridge which provides a spectacular view all around. 
  • Design: The towers of the complex have natural lighting and ventilation to give an organic effect. The internal spaces are put to maximum use with minimum or zero corridors. However, there would be a lot of lobbies with access to every floor.
Amenities: Most flats consist of a swimming pool, and some even provide an infinity-edge water feature. The others include:
  • A large playground. 
  • An open-air gym. 
  • Basketball courts. 
  • A cricket pitch
  • Even a meditation space.
They are complexes that provide even a community space for hosting festivals, events and other programs. Owning a flat near Manyata tech park and Hebbal means not just staying in, but being a part of many activities.


Owning a flat or a villa are the two best choices for a resident in Bangalore. Building one’s own house can be costly and can incur a lot of additional troubles. Therefore it is always good to go for a furnished structure that goes with the trend.

Author Bio: Nora George is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies and fiction, like good music, loves her cat and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.