If you have been reading the current literature on if VPN is worth it, such as popularized here:

https://macpaw.com/how-to/how-to-block-hackers-from-my-phone then you are probably aware there are many reasons why individuals and businesses should use VPN services. Though there are many reasons why somebody should use VPN services, here are six instances where the use of a Virtual Private Network may help you.

1 - Get Unprejudiced Quotes From Websites and Comparison Websites

Let’s say you enter your details into a comparison website. You will receive a series of results based on your information. But you want to experiment to see if you can get a better quote, so you alter your details and run the test again. However, the result they offered you last time still seems like the best quote. Is this because it really is the best quote, or is something fishy going on?

Quotation websites and comparison websites leave cookies on your system, add information into your temporary files, and they remember your IP address. They know that people can manipulate comparison websites and quote tools, so they use these methods to stop people. When you sign in with a VPN service, your cookies and temp files do not matter as much because they do not match your IP address or your location. Here is an example of how it works: Pirate Bay

Let’s say you want something a little esoteric like tow truck insurance, and you enter that you wish to travel 23,000 miles per year. All the quotes are high except company “XX.” You tinker with the tool and enter 12,000 miles per year, but company “XX” still has the best quote. So, you clear your browsing data (history, temp files, etc.), close your browser, you connect to your VPN service and open a new browser. Suddenly, when you enter 12,000 miles per year, company “XY” has the best deal. You now have a clearer view of the options open to you thanks to VPN services.

2 - Internet Surfing, Uploading and Downloading Becomes Anonymous

These days, you can be banned from websites and even from servers because you have an opinion that was considered wrong. A prime example is years ago when extremely dumb people said that vaccines caused autism. If you were to upload content stating the opposite to some websites, you would have been banned. If you are uploading, downloading, or surfing anonymously, then banning you is very difficult. Here are a few other reasons why being anonymous online is a good idea:

  • Why should other people see what you are doing online?

  • You can share files without being snooped on

  • You cannot be persecuted for accessing files from other countries

  • Communicate across borders without infringing international law

  • Trade cryptocurrency and make it more difficult for thieves to target your wallet

3 - Improve Internet Performance By Working Around Malware

A classic trick is to offer a free app or piece of software to an end-user. They use it, but meanwhile, it is lending its processing power to a crypto-mining pool. You notice that your Internet is seemingly slow when you are using the app, or even when the app is off because it is secretly working in the background.

However, most pieces of malware that put a drain on your Internet are unable to work around VPN services. As a result, when using VPN services, your Internet appears to go faster. This is not because it is literally faster, but it is because the malware that was draining your Internet is no longer able to function.

4 - Separate Work From Pleasure

If you are a remote worker, then VPN services can help you separate your work use from your personal Internet use. Your information as a personal user is not a high priority for hackers, but if they see you working for a big company, then you become a priority. Hiding your business Internet use behind VPN services is therefore, a very good idea.

5 - No More Work And Pleasure Phishing

It is not just about making yourself a smaller online target. There is also the fact that people will have a harder time phishing information from you if you use VPN for business and personal use. Any attempts to hijack or trick you with regards to your working business will be rather more difficult because your activities are all hidden behind VPN services. You may use VPN to separate work and pleasure, but any use of VPN makes it harder for online malcontents to phish for your information. They go from addressing you by your real name or business name, to addressing you by platitudes like “Sir/madame” or “Lucky Winner.”

6 - Buy Things From People Who Offer Local-Price Favoritism

Local or national price favoritism happens all the time. The best example is on the Amazon Kindle store where amateur authors may sell their e-books. They are given a pricing tool that allows them to alter the price of their book for each version of Amazon in each country. Typically, the author offers the best prices to the country he or she lives in and offers a slightly (or massively) elevated price to people living in different countries.

With the use of VPN services, you could access servers from the country the Author lives in and buy the book for the cheapest price. You can then download it and keep it. If you delete it by accident, you can use VPN to sign into your Amazon account and re-download the book because it will still be stored on your Amazon account. Doing this is not against the terms and conditions that Amazon sets out, just like if you were on vacation in another country, and you bought the e-book while in that country on a local computer.