Dirt bikes are a fan way of hitting the trail and enjoying the rugged countryside. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you need some essential accessories to keep your bike in top-notch condition. Failing to do so can mean risking injury when you are out there trailblazing in the wilderness or having a very rough time riding the bike. If you really want to get the most out of your bike, then here are the top 10 dirt bike accessories that you should consider making part of your safety box. Even when enjoying those rides, you should always mind your safety first. Check out Shop Abunda for your dirt bikes and accessories.

Full Face Helmet

You need to have a full-face helmet when hitting the trails. A helmet protects you from head injuries when you fall, and you are more likely to fall once in a while when riding at full speed and making those daredevil jumps. Make sure the helmet you buy fits comfortably. It should never be wobbly.


While the helmet protects your head from injuries when you fall, a jacket will protect your upper body. Get a jacket that has reinforcement on the elbows and at the back. The jacket should fit your size properly to allow easy movement.


Boots are essential for your comfort and safety. Those with reinforced shin and toe points will help secure your calves, shins, and toes. Go for those that fit properly to allow you to ride your bike easily.


A pair of gloves is essential to protect your hands and give you that grip you need while riding. Gloves prevent your hands from getting blisters and slipping when riding. You control your biked better.

Jersey and Pants

When riding in rough terrain, your bike will raise dirt and rocks that can hit you. Jersey and pants cover up your entire body and protect you from these rocks and dirt. They also protect you from wind elements when riding at high speed.


What would a dirt bike be without quality tires? If you want optimal performance and venture into the roughest terrains, then go higher specs tires. You can replace those that you got your bike with for better ones. Get tires that can hit different terrains.

Hand Grips

Keep checking your hand grips for a better grip and to give you better control. If you have just bought a used bike or have been using yours for a while now, you may need to replace these with new ones. They are essential for control, safety, and comfort.

Seat Covers

Sooner or later, your seat covers will get worn out. When they do, consider replacing them to improve the appearance of your bike. Seat covers take a lot of beating over time. Changing them after some time is a good way of cleaning your bike and making it more comfortable.

Hand Guards

Handguards are an essential accessory that most riders tend to ignore. In addition to protecting your hands when riding, they also help keep dust and debris from your bike’s controls.