hoverboard scooters
If you are looking for a simple vehicle to move around the city, an electric hoverboard may be the solution.

In the market, you will find a wide variety of options. And if you want to choose a quality one, in this buying guide, we offer you the keys s that you can choose the most affordable hoverboard.

What is a hoverboard?

An electric hoverboard is a small personal mobility vehicle with a motor powered by one or more rechargeable lithium batteries.

It consists of a platform attached to two parallel wheels, gyroscopes, and internal sensors that allow it to move according to the user's feet' inclination.

There are them with different powers, sizes, autonomies, and varied functions that make them more versatile devices.

The best electric hoverboard scooters

The best value for money

The model with kart seat and 6.5" wheels, which reaches a speed of up to 15 km / h. It has LED lighting in the headlights and taillights and flashing lights. It has a Bluetooth speaker and 4 gyro sensors for better balance.

The best high-end model

The model with 6.5" anti-puncture wheels and 350 W motors. It reaches a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour, and the battery lasts a maximum of 15 km. It has LED headlights that illuminate a distance of 10.8 meters. It includes Bluetooth and has gyroscope sensors.

The best cheap model

Hoverboard electric scooter with 6.5 ″ anti-puncture wheels, which reaches a maximum speed of about 10 to 12 km / h and has a range of 10-20 km. It integrates LED lights, as well as speakers with Bluetooth operation.

The best electric hoverboard scooters

If you are looking for a simple vehicle to move around the city, an electric hoverboard may be the solution.

Hoverboard electric scooters comparison

If you want to buy a quality hoverboard electric scooter, here you will find 4 outstanding models.
Why buy a hoverboard scooter?

An electric hoverboard scooter is an entertaining and ideal option to move around the city, or you can have fun with your family and friends. These types of vehicles are widely used today by both children and adults for their practicality and functionality. These are some of the advantages that you can take advantage of with the purchase of a hoverboard.

No risk of traffic jams

With a hoverboard or electric scooter, you can move around the city comfortably and efficiently without running the risk of traffic jams or problems finding a place to park.

They are ecological

Being an electric vehicle that does not generate toxic gas emissions for the environment, the hoverboard can be considered an ecological and sustainable vehicle that represents an excellent alternative for urban mobility.

They are fast

There are electric hoverboard models with great power capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 km / h. This is added a long autonomy that will allow you to travel distances of at least 10 km in a short time.

Varied designs

It is possible to find devices with varied lights, sounds, colors, and styles for all kinds of tastes and genres, such as a metallic pink hoverboard perfect as a gift to a girl. On the other hand, there are also them with different powers and sizes so you can choose between an electric hoverboard for children or a larger and more powerful one for the use of young people or adults.

The best sales of hoverboards

In this section, you will find the best electric hoverboard scooters sold the most at the moment.


Suppose you want a more versatile and fun electric hoverboard. In that case, it is possible to find models such as hoverboards with Bluetooth, which incorporate speakers so you can listen to music by synchronizing it with your smartphone.

Besides, some devices incorporate LED lights of different colors on the wheels or more advanced functions in high-end models with apps to control the speed and check the battery status.