Plastic Surgery Procedures
Over the decades, there has been an increase in the number of plastic surgeries being performed. Most well-known celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery, and now other people have felt the need to go for the procedure. Since plastic surgery in Monmouth County is popular among both men and women, it is vital to see an experienced surgeon if you wish to increase your chances of having a successful procedure.

With several people accepting cosmetic surgery, the big question will be, which plastic surgeries are common among most patients? Here are the ten most common procedures most people are choosing to improve their bodies.

Breast Reduction

Several women have large breasts that will make doing day-to-day activities challenging. Also, they will experience chest pain, back pain, and more. But with breast reduction, the lady will return to enjoying everyday activities. Breast reduction will reduce the breast's weight and size by eliminating extra fat, skin, and glandular tissue to make the breast small. Breast reduction could enhance posture and assist in easing pain.

Even though breast augmentation procedures are more common than breast reduction, breast reduction procedures have recently increased.


If you're looking to have a slim body or enhance your shape, getting liposuction will help you achieve your body goals. Liposuction is intended to improve specific body parts. They can include the thighs, waist, legs, neck, and buttocks to eliminate extra fat. But if you wish to lose weight, liposuction isn't ideal for you. Liposuction is to improve the body curves.

After the procedure, you will be needed to not engage in active exercises.

Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is a well-known condition that affects several men. The treatment will see extra breast tissue removed. It is worth noting that several patients who seek gynecomastia procedures will deal with excess growth in the pectoral region because of heavy cannabis use, steroids, or genes. In most situations whereby men experience breast growth, plastic surgery will see the excess tissue eliminated through mastectomy or liposuction.

With liposuction, removal of excess fat will happen, but the gland tissues remain.

Breast Lift

Since many people will want to improve their looks, some might find a breast lift procedure beneficial. Ladies who had young and firm breasts might start experiencing aging and breastfeeding effects, which can significantly impact how the breasts will appear. The best way to improve the breasts is through the breast lift or also known as mastopexy. There are times where the lady can choose to undergo the breast lift and breast augmentation.

Whatever the choice, you should speak to a professional surgeon before undergoing any procedure.

Neck Lift

Most people's necks will start showing signs of aging when neck skin starts to drop and eventually losing firmness. Like other standard plastic surgery procedures, the neck lift will see excess fat and skin removed from the jawline so that the individual will have a youthful neck. With neck lift procedures, the professional surgeons will squeeze the neck muscle to improve the neck's look.

After the surgery, patients are required to prevent strenuous activities during the earlier weeks while recovering.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is popular among most women. Since it involves improving a lady's breasts, this procedure is standard, and over 200,000 procedures are being performed yearly in the United States of America. Breast augmentation will require the surgeons to put implants or move fat from other organs to the breast to give the breasts a balanced appearance. Based on the patient's type, the patient's body and breast size should be considered before the procedure begins.

Several patients will need to stay away from heavy activities while recovering.


Facelift or also known as Rhytidectomy involves reducing aging and wrinkles as well as sagging skin. This common facial plastic surgery will have the experienced surgeon cut open the front side of the individual's ear to eliminate excess skin. The procedure will see the skin tightened to make a face smoother.

After you've undergone the procedure, you will find the patient's appearance has changed as they slowly recover. Several patients will deal with swelling and the usual bruising that will gradually decline during recovery. While recovering, the patients will seek the results.

Tummy Tucks

Several patients who have issues with their abdomen or waist after they become flabby will undergo a tummy tuck procedure known as abdominoplasty. Several patients who seek tummy tucks are women who have extra skin around the stomach. This is usually caused after the woman has given birth.

Also, it is worth noting that this procedure will be done on women who've lost a lot of weight. If you have excess fat around the abdomen, don't choose the tummy tuck surgery. You can work out until you shed the extra weight.

The plastic surgeon will eliminate excess skin from your stomach and ensure the skin is tightened. Recovery will take an estimated four weeks.

Nose Job

The nose will draw attention since it is the first organ you will see when you look at someone's face. Nose jobs or rhinoplasty are standard procedures, and several patients will want to undergo it because it will improve their looks. The process will have a highly trained surgeon reducing the nose size or refining some specific parts to make it attractive. But, it is worth noting that a nose job can enhance breathing problems.

During recovery, the patient will be required to have a nasal splint.

Eyelid Surgery

After some time, an individual's skin will start to sag, and people will notice it. Droopy eyelids will see the individual having difficulties keeping the eyelid up. Eyelid skin is thinner than other areas in your face, and it will show aging signs quickly. That's why eyelid surgery is required.

As skin sags, several patients will want to improve this defectiveness and get back to looking youthful. But eyelid surgery will not enhance your appearance, but it will be required to improve vision. After the procedure, you will need to avoid makeup or contacts for a couple of weeks, and you will need to wear sunglasses to offer protection.