You see them everywhere you go. Schools give supplies out in them, and businesses hand them out in bulk at expos. The drawstring bags customized are flexible and inexpensive. They are a perfect fit for any industry and can be used to boost leads, customer loyalty, and overall profitability. However, because they are so common, you need unique ways to employ them to ensure you stand out from the crowd. The following are the top five ways to turn these promotional items into a moneymaker.

Gift Bags

Everyone loves being given things for free, especially when the items are useful. While drawstring bags are great items to let people grab at a tradeshow, you can jazz them up for gifting purposes. When a customer hits a milestone, they can be filled with goodies and small gift cards to show their gratitude for doing business with you. In turn, you can create referral bonus bags where they earn a nice package after having a specific number of referrals for your company. Remember, you are purchasing promotional items as a way to obtain new leads and retain current clients. The variety of bags available is vast, and almost all of them are customizable. Purchase them in bulk to save on funds, and then modify them to meet the needs you have.

Make them A Buying Bonus

Promotional items are not only for trade shows and storefronts. They also make great bonuses to making a purchase with your company. Again, everyone loves free items. If they learn they can get something like a free bag to carry their purchased products home, they are more likely to make a purchase. They are eco-friendly and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you go with plastic or cotton, you will be providing your clients with a useful item with your name on it.


The best part about drawstring bags is the fact they are budget-friendly. When you are holding a fundraiser, these promotional items make great thank you gifts to donors. You can put a few other promotional items inside, along with a card to let them know you appreciate their support. Taking this to the next level, you can fill them with higher dollar items and auction them off as part of the fundraiser. It is important to put your brand on the bag so the buyer has a long-lasting reminder of who they supported.

Awareness Campaigns

Bouncing off the idea of using drawstring bags as fundraisers, they also work well with awareness campaigns. When you have a booth at a community event, create gift bags that are relevant to the cause. Your bag will have your name on it, while items inside bring awareness to the cause you are attending. Safety awareness can include small flashlights, ID cards, etc. Work with a top-notch marketing team that will keep your budget in mind when creating these gift bags.

Straight Promotion

Finally, instead of putting up flyers or leaflets on cars, use promotional items people will use. Reusable bags are in high demand and bring more attention than a piece of paper. However, with that said, flyers give a lot of information about your business to the consumer. Therefore, consider putting a leaflet inside the bag when you hand them out. The goal is to be creative and unique without breaking the bank.