Remembering the life of the people we love after they pass away needs some sincerity and meaning. Besides, the commemoration should be outstanding and durable to show lasting respect.

Memorial plaques are one of the dignified ways to commemorate someone after their demise. The plaque not only emphasizes the person’s identity but also demonstrates your recognition of their life.

Below you will find insights on how to make a unique and special memorial plaque, click here to see more.

But What Is A Memorial Plaque?

It is also known as a commemorative plaque and is mostly made of stone or metal. A memorial plaque is used to honour the life of a person after they pass away.

Typically, the plaque includes details about the person and a personal message. Plaques have become common and are mostly used instead of cremation memorials for headstones.

How to Make Memorial Plaques Unique and Special

  • Develop a genuine personal message to pay the last respects to the person. In most cases, the memorial plaques leave some space to include your message after the personal information. Let the theme of the entire plaque reflect your message to the late. 
  • If you need to consult about a memorial plaque, ensure you decide whether to go for traditional or modern designs. There are different colours, sizes, and shapes of memorial plaques to choose from. 
  • The circular shape plaque symbolizes nurture and protection. There are also religious beliefs that use the circular plaque to symbolize the link between heaven and earth. However, there is a relatively smaller space to add your message. 
  • The rectangular plaque has substantial room to add long text and images. The shape is stable on most grounds enhancing its balance and integrity. There is also the oval shape that gives you more room for a personal message. The oval shape is known to symbolize peace, love, and harmony. 
  • Ensure you include a personal message that clearly expresses your love, and remember to include their name and other necessary details. Some of the things you might include on the personal message space include;
    1. The change that the person brought in your life 
    2. Their interests and likes 
    3. A highlight of their life 
    4. Your clear memory of the person
    5. How you will remember them 
    6. Favourite quote, poem, or verse.
  • Since memorial plaques are meant for the outdoors, they need to be resilient to imminent factors. Choosing the best material will give you a special finish hence the need to consider the suitable metal.
    1. Bronze is the most popular material used for memorial plaques due to its strong material and resistance from snow and rain corrosion. 
    2. Brass also resembles bronze in colour, but it is softer. So, if you settle on brass, you will need a protective coating to make it durable. 
    3. Memorial plaques are also made of stainless steel, aluminium, and cast metal, which allows additional features such as images with the integration of technology.
Settling on the right memorial plaque requires in-depth determination. The plaque should symbolize a statement to show respect to your loved ones. Make informed decisions on the best memorial plaque and convey special and unique respect.