Moving into your new home with the help of house removalists is an exciting thing, but do you know the type of neighbours you will be leaving next to? Finding more about your neighbours is important, but it is for sure not an easy thing. At first, they may seem all cool and welcoming, only to come and find out later how annoying they are. Perhaps they play very loud music, hold late-night parties almost on all weekends, or even have pets that are not well trained. What to do? Well, for you to be able to continue living peacefully, there are things that you can do. Below are some of them.

Leave a note on their door

Sometimes we might assume that the neighbours know that they are annoying you, but often they don’t. Some people hate confrontations and might be offended when you do so. Since you still do not know the personality of your neighbours, leaving a note could work perfectly. Make sure the note is written in a polite tone and is clear on how they are making you uncomfortable.

Talk to them

Another way that you can deal with annoying neighbours is by talking to them. While starting the conversation, you want to start it in a friendly tone. Introduce yourself to them and have a small talk simply to set a good mood. Afterwards, you can tell them what it is that they do that is bothering you. While talking to them, do not accuse them, but instead, seek to find a solution together. If, for example, what annoys you is the loud late-night parties that they have, you can request them to end the party earlier or reduce the volume in the night.

Talk to your landlord

Sometimes even after writing a polite note to the annoying neighbours and talking to them nicely, they may still not change. At such a point, you may want to speak to your landlord. Give the landlord a call and let them know what has been happening. It would be best to have a list of the incidences as well as the timings well noted down as this gives a solid base for complaining. Ask the landlord to take it up with them and give you feedback. If the neighbours still do not change, the landlord might decide to evict them, especially in cases where most neighbours have reported the same annoying neighbours.

Consider legal action

In cases where you are not a tenant but own the home and have taken the actions mentioned above and still there is no change, the next step might be taking legal action. Reach out to the authorities and let them know of what has been going on. Tell them about the steps you took earlier and also have enough evidence with you. As a last resort, you can file a case in court.

We can never choose people who live next to us. Sometimes you may find the best neighbours, sometimes it may be the complete opposite. Dealing with annoying neighbours can be a nightmare, but often than not, most of them will make the necessary changes after talking to them nicely and letting them know what bothers you.