During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Rescue time’s study results show that people's average rate of spending screen time with their phones amounts to 3 hours and 15 minutes per day. And most of the time they spend with their phones is contributed by watching videos on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

Because of that, the year 2020 is hailed as the year of video, and its dominance increases as we enter 2021.

To take advantage of expanding market for video, many small and medium businesses are making their own YouTube channels and start sharing their marketing and product ideas to viewers who find them helpful and convenient to apply and use.

But as the market for video rapidly increases during these times, businesses that are just starting to share videos about their products may get lesser viewers and customers. And to fix that, they will need to find an effective marketing tool to increase their views and followers.

And with QR codes becoming one of the most used wireless technology by many sectors, their use in boosting Youtube video views is considered by most businesses and influencers.

How to boost your YouTube video views with QR codes?

In the world of Youtubing, views and subscription matter. If your channel gets lesser views and subscriptions, the chances of landing on the recommendation page lessens.

And with that loss, your passion to inspire and turn viewers into customers weakens. Because of that, many Youtubers find a better way in getting their video recognized by a few of the 1 billion active viewers with the use of QR codes.

With the use of a QR code generator with logo to create QR codes that can boost your Youtube video views, here are some notable ways on how to do them.

1. Place them in print media

Whether businesses and influencers agree or not, print media still plays a major part in extending their influence in the area of interest. Because of that, a large percentage of businesses and influencers that use digital platforms are still considering the use of print media to promote their content and boost its view counts.

With the use of QR codes to expand their influence from both digital and print platforms, they embed their videos into the code and boost their views by letting people scan the code and redirect them to their Youtube videos to watch.

2. Share to all your social media posts

Most businesses and influencers use social media to post new updates of the content they plan to launch on their Youtube channel. And as per the social media guide, adding compelling photos in every post increases impressions and interactions between users.

But as the photos can’t redirect users directly to your Youtube video, the captions take the part of putting links to your video.

To make a smooth platform transition from one platform to Youtube without the need of putting links in the caption, you can integrate the use of a video QR code and place it within your photo post.

And by that means, you can use QR codes to share your videos without the need of placing the Youtube link in the caption. In this way, social media users don’t have to open the see more part of the post to open the link.

3. Place it in your gadgets and wearable

As your goal is to attract more subscribers with your Youtube channel, levelling your promotion means unconventionally can help boost your Youtube videos view counts. As unconventional as placing attention-grabbing elements into everyday essentials like gadgets and wearable, the use of QR codes is a perfect fit to get more views and subscribers.

You can place QR codes in your gadgets and wearable and let their curiosity scan their way to your videos and watch them. In this way, you can instil brand awareness in people and make them find a new idea where QR codes are can be placed.


Since the implemented lockdowns in 2020, Forbes recorded an all-time internet increase of 70%. With most of its traffic being driven from watching videos, the video making business takes a toll increase of it.

And because of the bright future videos can give to them, different channel growing tools are implemented. With QR codes as one of the tools they use, boosting their channel means a lot for them.

But when boosting your Youtube video views requires the use of security tools like QR codes, businesses and influencers always rely on a QR code generator with a logo like QRTiger.