Dental implants are one of the breakthrough technologies in the dental world. Dental implants are perfect for healthy patients who have lost one or more teeth due to many reasons. Hence, looking for a reputable dental professional is important for such a procedure, we recommend that you make your tooth pain go away or get dental implants Shrewsbury. Teeth loss may be due to age-related factors or the genetic makeup of the individual. Some patients also lose their teeth to physical trauma or dental problems like gum diseases.  Hence, looking for a reputable dental professional is important for such a procedure, we recommend that you make your tooth pain go away or get dental implants in Shrewsbury. Choosing dental implants in Huston tx offers you a permanent approach to restoring your dental health.

Considering the advantages of this procedure, it is only human to question how long the entire procedure will take. If you consider enlisting for a dental implant procedure to correct your lost or missing teeth, below is some of the information you need to know. This information will help you to plan the time it’ll take to undergo and complete the procedure.

Dental Consultations

When you visit a dental clinic like Asha Dental searching for a dental implant solution, the first process you will have to scale is the dental consultation phase. Your dentist or dental team will want to know more about you, your medical and health history, and other information that qualifies or disqualifies you for the procedure.

Your dentist will carry out an in-depth examination to better understand whether you have the required jaw bone mass to support the procedure. In addition to that, they will examine your dentition and carry out a 3D scan of your teeth and jawbone. With the 3D scan, the dentist will be able to tell whether you are perfect for the procedure as well as the areas where the implant will be installed. During this consultation phase, your dentist will also inform you of likely added procedures that may be needed for the success of the implant dentistry procedure.

Pre-Dental Implant Procedure Examination

A patient preparing for a dental implant procedure may have to meet with a prosthetist before the implant surgery is carried out. This meeting with the prosthetist is essential for patients who have lost a full arch of their teeth and are interested in replacing it. During the examination, the dentist will gather all of the relevant information regarding the patient’s dental health and arch impression. This will facilitate the smooth running of the procedure.

Dental Implant Placement

The dental implant placement procedure is often a comprehensive one. Depending on the number of teeth missing, it can take hours to complete. Usually, the dental surgeon administers anaesthesia focused on numbing the nerves around the area to be worked on so that the patient can enjoy a pain-free experience.

In some cases, the dentist may also use IV sedation to keep the patient comfortable throughout the process. The time taken to complete this procedure depends on the technique, experience, and expertise of the dentist. Patients can, however, expect an average of one hour per implant. Patients may also wonder about the little discomfort felt in the aftermath of the process. The dentist will offer information on how to manage and monitor the discomfort. Usually, over-the-counter pain relievers, the use of ice packs, and the avoidance of hard food will help. Also, you can prefer EVO Dental for the best dental implants for your happy smile.

Bone Fusing

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that the titanium rod which forms the root of the teeth fuses with the jawbone. This fusion, called osseointegration, can take between three weeks to six months. The time taken for this process depends on a wide range of reasons, including the patient’s health status, how fast the patient heals, the age, and others.

During this process, patients may need to stay away from hard food items or food items that require them to bite down hard. Fluids, fruits, and healthy eating are recommended during this period for complete osseointegration. Patients should also keep up with their dental appointment dates to ensure that their oral health and healing process is properly monitored.

Placing the Abutment

If your dentist can place the abutment on the implant during the initial procedure, you may be able to cut down on the time taken for the procedure to be completed. The abutment connects the dental implant to the dental crown. However, if not, you will be required to visit your dentist months down the line for it to be placed.

Attaching the Dental Crown

The dental crown is the final stage in the process. The dental crown is designed to mirror the appearance of the existing teeth in the mouth. Doing this ensures that patients will enjoy natural-looking teeth without the fear of being found out.

In general, from start to finish, a dental implant procedure can take between three and nine months, depending on a wide range of factors.