Are you a beginner painter? Buying acrylic paint when you are a newbie may seem like a daunting task. When you visit an art store, you come across a variety of materials to select. You get acrylic paints to use with a paintbrush or you can also find acrylic colours you can use as Airbrush paint.
 Although choosing the best paint is a personal experience, it may depend on painting techniques and art style. But still, this guide will give you the best tips. Read below to learn about buying the best acrylic paint.

Quality Super Seeds Everything

Acrylic paints come in two grades. They are students' quality and artists' quality. Artist-quality acrylic paints are available in a wide variety of hues. This grade has a high concentration of pigmentation, and it's also known as professional paint. Furthermore, it has high-performance ratings.

Students' colour quality, on the other hand, has low pigmentation and may include fillers. The two grades also differ in terms of cost, vibrancy, and consistency. The student-quality acrylic paint is cheaper. The latter is more vibrant and possesses smoother consistency. Thus, it's not difficult to blend and layer. As a newbie painter, you can start with student-quality acrylic paint. You can use this grade for earth colours or underpainting. Later you can upgrade once you're skilled enough to produce sellable artwork.


Acrylic paints are available in many colours. If you are a novice, you may use an acrylic paint set. If you decide to use the artists' quality grade, you may find that some hues are slightly expensive than others.

Time It Takes to Dry

Acrylic paint dries very quickly, and that's why most artists love them. However, the paint may dry in your pallet or brush before you finish your painting. So, how do you avoid this hassle? You can extend your acrylic drying time by buying open acrylic from a seller like hearns hobbies or using a retarding medium. The retardant slows down the acrylic drying time up to several weeks. Alternatively, a stay wet pallet helps you overcome the challenge of drying paint.


A paint's thickness is also known as viscosity or consistency. You can find heavy- body, fluid, and medium acrylics. Heavy body options are thick and similar to oil paints. This type of paint facilitates hue mixing and blending. Fluid acrylics are similar to the feel of toothpaste. That is, it holds its shape, and you can quickly spread it evenly with your painting brush. It is fluid-like, but it still has the same pigmentation concentration.

The third option is acrylic mediums. They enable you to mix so that you get the best consistency. If you are a beginner, you can buy the fluid introductory set thick enough to spread and create some texture.

Paint Size

Acrylic paints come in different sizes. The heavy body paints are available in tubes or jars. Tubes are small, portable, and are resemble paste, while the jar ones are thick and enable you to save money. Fluid acrylics are available in bottles that make it easy to apply the paint on the pallet.

You can buy different acrylic brands from an online store like hearns hobbies. Your style of art and painting techniques will generally be your guide. However, make quality your top priority, and you will never go wrong with your artwork.