Safety is one of the most important things to put into consideration when working with a forklift. This is because operating a forklift is accompanied by a lot of risks. If professionals do not handle these machines, it can lead to massive destruction and even loss of life.

For this reason, forklift operating companies are advised to only recruit operators with forklift certification in line with OSHA standards. With such certification, the company can rest assured that their operators are well trained in using a forklift.

Getting an OSHA standard forklift certification is a straightforward process. Just like with most standard certification processes, the operators are required to attend some classes and write some exams. Also, there are lots of forklift training schools one can attend. You can visit Forklift Training Systems website to find out more about this.

What The Certification Entails

A proper forklift training program, according to OSHA standards, involves six modules. They include safety training, loading docks, batteries, lift truck travel, load handling, operator checklist, and ramps. The training covers the theoretical and practical aspects of forklifting.

Reasons to be Certified

Most people believe that having a driver’s license is needed to be a forklift operator. Unfortunately, a driver’s license is not enough. To get employed as a forklift operator in a standard company, one needs to be trained and certified. To get your certificate, you must have a minimum of 80% passing grades.

Meanwhile, listed below are some of the reasons why a forklift operator must be certified

  • It increases productivity and efficiency.
  • It is a stated law in many parts of the world.
  • Safety comes first, and good training will ensure that.
  • It saves cost.
  • Certification increases the chances for practice and improves your skills.
  • It increases the chances of getting a better job.

What Is The Process To Obtain A Forklift Certification?

The process of obtaining a forklift certification varies a lot. This is mainly because the process is primarily dependent on the provider of the training. Although most employers provide this certification training, individuals can independently seek training on their own.

There are two crucial components of forklift training.

First Component: A formal instructional training centred on the details of forklift operation. This includes lectures, studying written materials, watching videos, taking online courses, and using study guides or other educational materials.

Although OSHA does not require this component, it comes in handy when you are required to take a written test when applying for a forklift operator job. This is just to prove that you have gotten the needed training and, thus, possess the necessary knowledge to operate a forklift properly.

Second Component: This component has to do with hands-on training sessions. It is usually carried out in a warehouse. OSHA requires this component. An experienced staff who has been operating and training operators is generally in charge of this training. Your trainer should have experience in the type of forklift needed for your work environment, as each workspace differs.

Who Provides Forklift Training and Certification?

Oftentimes, the employer provides this training and certification, as it is their responsibility. However, in a situation where you are not employed or your employer doesn’t offer the needed training, you can take online training sessions. It is also important to note that OSHA requires hands-on training at your warehouse and is not responsible for providing any form of training.

What is The Duration of Forklift Certification Valid?

The validity of forklift certification is three years. Once every three years, an employer is required to evaluate all their forklift operators. This evaluation includes refresher training which is similar to what the forklift operator underwent during the initial forklift training. If the operator has been driving in an unsafe manner, additional training is required.

Some circumstances may warrant a renewal before the three-year period elapses. Here are some of them:
  • There has been an accident or near accident
  • An operator has been seen operating the lift unsafely.
  • The type of forklift used has changed.
  • The operator changes jobs.
  • The forklifts have new components that need training.
The need to get a forklift certification can not be overemphasized. The advantages are enormous and will help to make you a better worker for your company. A certificate increases your value to the company and makes your work easy to handle.