A mini tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that develops a firmer or flatters abdomen for patients who have recently gone through a weight loss journey or pregnancy. Moreover, this procedure is different from the traditional tummy tuck as the purpose of conducting a mini tummy tuck NYC procedure is to reduce the excessive fat from certain areas. Additionally, this procedure mainly focuses on loose skin, scarring in the lower abdomen below the navel, and excess fat. Aside from that, that surgical procedure has a number of benefits that are listed below:

  • Repairs the lower abdominal muscles that separate after postpartum.
  • A complete removal or a brief revision of C-section scars.
  • Helps to remove excess abdominal fat that is present in the form of stubborn pockets.
  • Less scarring as compared to a traditional tummy tuck.
  • Removes stretch marks as well as loose skin.

If you have given birth and your body is in no shape or want to eliminate excessive fat or skin from your body after the weight loss journey then you must get a mini tummy tuck done. Furthermore, a mini tummy tuck is done as per the needs of the patients. Besides, it also helps to remove the unfavourable c-section scar. Aside from that, there are many doctors who perform this surgery and help you get the desired shape. Additionally, all the procedures are different and perform under certain circumstances.

Revision of C-section scar

Many women are not fond of their c-section scar as it does not appeal to them. Moreover, a flatter stomach is obtained by getting this surgery done. Furthermore, abdominoplasty is an important means of revising c-section scars. Aside from that, sometimes it happens that in an emergency or pre-planned c-section, women feel that their scars are visible even after making numerous attempts to hide them. Additionally, there are many professional doctors who are experts in doing abdominoplasty and removing these scars from a woman's body. Apart from that, these doctors help you wear any type of clothing as per your desire.


This procedure takes place under general or local anaesthesia along with intravenous sedation. Even more, the procedure takes place by considering the needs of a particular patient. Every patient does not go through the same procedure. Also, after the patient is unconscious, an incision and a pre-marked line are made below the navel. Liposuction is the method used to remove excessive fat.

Many women are affected by diastasis recti, which is a certain condition in which the abdominal muscle separates. Besides, abdominoplasty works wonders for this condition. Importantly, the lower abdomen can easily stitch back together so that all the discomfort is removed. Apart from that, all the sagging is reduced because of this condition. Interestingly, those patients whose abdominal separation is present above the navel are the ideal candidates for traditional abdominoplasty surgery. After the removal of excess fat, the loose skin is removed.


There are some side effects with the process such as soreness, bruises, swelling, and some sort of sensation around the affected area. The majority of the symptoms vanish in the first week. While the time period for complete recovery still depends upon the nature of the procedure done on the patient.


The mini tummy tuck is a procedure done for reducing excessive fat or removing an unfavourable c-section scar. Many women face trouble in wearing their favourite clothes. Thus, this procedure has reduced their stress and they can now wear their favourite clothes. Apart from that, there are also some side effects attached to the procedure. These side effects may be soreness, bruises, swelling, and sensation around the affected area.