A lot of times gamers complain about the long installation hours of the game. But what if you got your game on your Messenger without any installation and you can easily play it even while you are on the go! Well, Doyban a small and remote gaming company has turned your dreams into reality. The startup launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new gaming project. The startup was able to raise € 16,384 in just 32 days and aims to produce games without installation on chats like Messenger. According to them, 5G will prove to be a game-changer in the field of gaming and they want to use it to the fullest.

Their Kickstarter campaign has been the first crowdfunding campaign for such games. The future of games without installation is great and reaching smartphone pretty quickly. It already has millions of users globally and people call them Instant Games on chats such as WeChat or any other Messenger. Though it hasn’t been noticed by a lot many people but these games they play on their devices are without installation.

So, the gaming aficionados and expert have created an innovative and unique crowdfunding method on Kickstarter with some fun and enthusiasm for science minds of all the numbers only being in the power of 2. This way they have added a whole lot of fun to their project for the geeks. On the other hand, a lot of backers noticed it and have uninterestingly supported the campaign. Even their social media campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook has hit a record high. In simple words, the campaign is simple and attractive.
  • The startup has been using cutting edge technology and making a community around.
  • It has already raised € 16,384 initially to start the project.
  • The aim of this campaign is to make gaming simple on mobile devices.
  • The campaign has started from March 30, 2021, to May 1, 2020 (it is a 32 days long campaign).
  • The project has been started on Kickstarter.
  • Doyban a small fully remote startup gaming company has started the campaign.
The company believes that gaming without installation is the big turn in the gaming industry and the innovative 5G technology will be a big help in it.

In the upcoming time, all the games which will be played on any device will be without installation. Be it your smartphone, smartwatch or desktop, you can play any game without installing it. 5G will turn the tables for the gaming sector and even Doyban hopes to benefit from it. The startup has offered a reward to developers, gamers, crowd funders and information technology services of their startup Ditectrev for backing the campaign.

The company aims to bring the best gaming experience to gaming enthusiasts. If you want more details about the company or their campaign on Kickstarter, then this link will help you out.

Technology is advancing with every hour and companies like Doyban never fail to impress their followers by using the ever-advancing technology.