Do you know that Google and yahoo don't have the answer to every question you ask them?

It surprises you, but this is the truth many times. The results were not displayed on web servers.

For having these results, you should know the exact link to the web page. Which is not possible to know? here come to the role of the deep search

People often confuse the deep search and dark search, but they are different entirely, so here we will discuss with you both of them.

What is the deep search?

  In deep search, the data or items display the results of which the URL is hidden and can't be indexed on Google or yahoo. Moreover, many times a massive part of data from famous sites such as Amazon and Netflix can also be searched from deep search simply because their URL is not listed.

The content of deep web search engine is as following

        Academic record

        Legal information

        Scientific record


Why is deep search not visible?

 They are some confidential data like the government data or some secret data. Hence, they have to keep safe and personal or other vital information that is not for the general public. Therefore it is only visible from a particular web browser. They are available for the internet by building ecosystems from many surface web applications.

 What is a dark search?

On the other hand, dark search is more technical. The darknet web pages are hidden because of purposeful reasons as it contains much illegal content and facilities the black market. The normal search engines can't access that.

 Following are some example of contents

        Drugs of all ranges mild to severe legal to ill legal

        Various types of weapons

        Books that are not readily available

        The video that contains abusive content against the children

        Blueprints for several such as 3D Printing that can be legal or non-legal.

        WikiLeaks document s

        recipes of cooking human meets

        pornography content of children

        content that is promoting violence against the minorities  


This or similar content you can find on dark search engines. But many times, dark search is used for a good cause, such as in countries where the government monitors public communication. Hence it is used for collecting the opinion from the public.  

Difference between the deep search and dark search

Deep are not hidden purposefully but only not included because it was not listed. At the same time, the dark web searches' purpose is to promoting illegal services. To assess deep search, you need passwords or software, but you need to determine the tor search engine or particular browser for deep web search access. You have required a VPN address for the deep searches. But for dark searches, you are required to be very cautious.   

How to accesses these dark data

However, sometimes we have to access the deep and dark search to view some hidden services or invisible web pages.

 In that cases, the tor search engine role comes. Tor stands for the onion researcher. These search engines can search for your number of resources and keep your identity hidden. They are also many similar web pages are available,

One of the engines is which guarantees that no cookies or javascript is involved and your identity is kept hidden. So you can access the data without any worry.

We hope, so you now understand the difference between deep search and dark search completely.