The operation of the staff in professional kitchens involves many food prep processes. This is not only cooking but also cleaning and arranging the working area neatly and in order. Thus, if one piece of equipment is missed or selected incorrectly, then the smoothness of task execution will collapse. One of such components that will contribute to the success of any food establishment is the commercial sink. It is among the essential attributes of the modern restaurant. Its main purpose is to deal with dirty utensils and dishes, so they are washed, soaked, and rinsed in durable commercial sinks made of stainless steel. As a result, the personnel receives well-cleaned plates, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, containers ready for further use, complying with hygienic rules. It is also used for the pre-processing of vegetables, fish, meat, and other food products and ingredients. Large-capacity utility sinks, as well as other professional equipment, are recommended to purchase only from trusted suppliers, such as AmGoodSupply, in order to obtain all the advantages at fair prices:

  • an impressive selection of superior quality and aesthetically pleasing metal products; 
  • the opportunity to buy stainless steel sink with an ideal ratio of quality and price;
  • purchasing sinks only of the appropriate size to outfit the space with maximum convenience and efficiency;
  • easy installation of any structure no matter it is a three-compartment sink, metal wall mount shelving units, or complete racks;
  • longevity, meeting health code requirements, as well as the resistance of stainless steel furniture to hot pots and pans, detergents, temperature extremes, and mechanical impacts;
  • the ability to buy various designs, according to individual needs and features of the room.

Moreover, only heavy-duty stainless steel can satisfy your expectation in terms of excellence. It means that by purchasing AmGoodSupply commercial sinks, you do not have to worry about possible damage to the surface.

Consider the prep table with a built-in stainless steel sink for better convenience

Long-lasting stainless steel equipment, combining a work table and a sink in its functional design, provide you with many extra benefits, including:

  • saving usable space because for many restaurants, bars, and cafes, the issue of rational use of the working zone is relevant and of paramount importance; 
  • the ability to increase productivity and speed up daily objectives implementation due to hassle-free and instant access to commercial sink that is welded into the working top; 
  • you will reach the highest level of ergonomics even at the tightest spaces since, in a limited area, it is imperative to correctly use literally every square centimetre, so a table with a fixed sink will help the cook to carry out several production processes at once without unnecessary steps and movements; 
  • such commercial equipment type is widely used not only in catering establishments, but also in medical institutions, hospitals, and laboratories.
Apart from a sink, a table can come with under-shelves, which will significantly expand its functionality. It is very convenient to place utensils, appliances, and other tools necessary for preparation on the shelves to hold them at hand, especially in conditions when there is an acute shortage of usable space. A variety of dimensions, upgrades, and configurations of tables with sinks provides an opportunity to choose the ideal design for the most efficient use.