While it is important that you find an attorney the moment you are at the back of the cop car after an arrest, the reality is that it’s not always so practical. However, you need to make an effort to get a defence lawyer at Stroleny Law, P.A. as soon as possible, especially after your release from police custody. It should be a priority if you have serious criminal allegations placed against you.

Why Find a Criminal Defense Attorney ASAP

One advantage of seeking legal representation early enough is that a reliable defence attorney may be able to get the criminal charges dismissed away before formal charges are levelled against you. A defence attorney is also in their best position to negotiate other rights you are entitled to that may as well increase the chances of having a favourable outcome of the case.

So, the timing is very crucial. Defence lawyers have the experience and can approach the other involved party to argue on your behalf calmly. Perhaps, this could influence the other party to agree to drop the charges that could have led to your arrest and consider having an amicable resolution outside the court system.

Now that you know why you should get a defence attorney as early as possible after an arrest, you want to know when you should hire one.

If You Face Assault and Battery Charges

Assault and battery charges may vary widely regarding defence and the possible outcomes. Some cases may be pretty straightforward, but others can be complex, especially when there are many moving parts. When someone levels assault and battery charges against you, it’s crucial you find a lawyer to get onboard quickly. Attempting to defend yourself without having any legal background can put you at risk of serious jail time.

An attorney can prove that when the alleged crime occurred, you were acting in self-defence and that you did not provoke the other party or threaten to harm them.

The attorney can also try to prove that the defendant was acting in defence of his or her property and that the other person illicitly invaded the defendant’s property.

Another tactic an attorney could use is that the accused was trying to defend other people from imminent threat or harm.

If You’re Facing Drug Charges

Many illicit drugs are outlawed at federal and state levels. Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are good examples. If you associate with these drugs at whatever level - whether distribution, cultivation, possession, or trafficking – it can quickly see you arrested and spending years behind bars.

You need to realize that drug convictions carry with them stiff penalties. And drug charges are not only limited to just the drugs themselves. If you are found in possession of things used in drug crimes, you could too be charged with an offence.

A criminal defence lawyer can negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor if you are a lower-level offender. The attorney can defend against your drug charges to prove that there is missing evidence from the seized drugs or the drugs belonged to another person, or you were forced to carry or hold drugs for somebody else.

If You Face Fraud and Financial Crimes Charges

You may be charged with obtaining money or property from another person or party, and you used it illicitly to have monetary gains. This may be perceived as a form of theft, and you are likely to face fraud and financial crime charges. Examples of financial crimes or fraud are forgery, credit card fraud, and insurance fraud. You need a criminal defence lawyer if you are charged with financial crimes or fraud. The attorney should have experience in white-collar crimes to be able to defend you adequately. Make sure you retain the lawyer’s services before you can answer questions from any investigators.

If You’re Facing Alcohol Crimes

You may face alcohol crimes such as public intoxication, DUI, or minors possessing alcohol. A DUI charge carries severe penalties, and so are other offences under alcohol crimes. It would be in your best interest to seek a defence lawyer in such cases.

If You Face Theft Charges

When you have theft charges levelled against you, the prosecution needs to show that you had the intent to deprive the victim of their property permanently, or you took the property without the authorization of the aggrieved party.

If You’re Facing Homicide Charges

Homicide charges are serious offences and need a professional in these types of cases to defend you. The prosecutors need to prove the negligence of the accused party or willful intent to commit the crime. An attorney can use strategies such as proving accidental killing or self-defence actions.

There are many kinds of crimes that you could be levelled against. The best thing you can do is always ensure you’ve got a criminal defence attorney is by your side. Seek an attorney as early as you can.

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