All roofs have their sets of advantages and disadvantages. That is why you should be extra careful when choosing the best roof material. It is something that must be carried out thoughtfully and carefully. Just as an average homeowner may spend around 1 and 4 percent on maintenance and repair, the percentage and the maintenance cost will also increase consistently. This is also as the house continues to grow older. That is when the roof must be properly inspected once in a year. As per the frequency of the roof maintenance and inspection, it will depend upon the environment surrounding the home. That also includes the roofing material to use.

Now, two of the known roofing materials today are the vinyl roof and the metal sheet roof. Their differences and benefits to offer will also then be highlighted below.

Vinyl Roof

Vinyl roof is also called the polyvinyl chloride roof. This is as durable as a roofing product. This comes in a membrane shingle or membrane sheet. While the vinyl shingle is used on the sloped roof, the vinyl membrane is also used on the flat roof.

Eco-friendly vinyl roof shingles are also made up of combined recycled materials, cellulose fibre, and vinyl. Some vinyl roof shingle is also made up of resin and natural limestone. The vinyl shingle is installed the same way as the cedar shake or the slate shingle. And each comes with a galvanized roofing nail.

The vinyl roof is used in serving great protection against water leakage. In the past few years, millions of roofing was covered in the vinyl roof membrane. It became the most famous of all ply roofing materials. That is when the vinyl roof has become the common roofing material for the flat roofs. Vinyl shingle is also introduced. Both the vinyl roofing and vinyl shingle have become an eco-friendly and durable option.

The advantages of the vinyl roof also go clearly as to being eco-friendly and durable. Vinyl roof is durable as a material used in flooring, roofing, and siding. This can also best withstand hail and heavy wind. It is also fire-resistant. One more thing is that it is effective in protecting against water leakage. It can then be sealed completely by heat during the installation process. The hot-air and welded seam will make it impermeable to moisture.

The vinyl roof is also recyclable. Both the vinyl membranes and vinyl roofing shingles are recycled at the end of the lifespan. The majority of vinyl membranes are also believed to be solar-reflective. They can best reduce cooling costs.

Metal Sheet Roof

Metal Sheet roof is another roofing material that beats out traditional roofing materials such as the vinyl roof. When it is properly installed, it can last for longer years. It seals out the water and it survives high winds. It also can easily shed off the snow. One more thing is that the metal sheet roof is resistant to mildew, rot, fire, and insects.

Nothing has ever been mentioned about the vinyl roof’s weight. With a metal sheet roof, you save on building and engineering the supporting structure. You could reduce or downsize the roof support members. Other metal sheet roof materials could also be applied to an existing roof. This won’t need extra structural support or tear-off.

But the metal sheet roof is also the same as the vinyl roof that is fire-resistant. There only is a need to be aware of the overall classification of the roof. It will also somehow depend on the materials used underneath the surface. They could ignite such intense heat in this case.

The vinyl roof and metal sheet roof are somehow both expensive. But, the benefits they bring equate the price that you have to pay in buying them! So, now you know the vinyl roof VS metal sheet roof before going to the nearest Thailand vinyl roof supplier!