Dentists have been looking after teeth and oral health for thousands of years. In fact, the earliest known reference to a dentist is marked on the tomb of Hesy-Re in 2600 BC. Of course, dental practices and techniques have come a long way since then.

Interestingly, it’s only in the last fifty years that dentists have started to look at overall oral health and prevention, as opposed to dealing with cavities and tooth loss. Today, more people than ever before are keeping their teeth into old age. Check out this link if you're looking for a dentist in greenbelt to make your teeth feel good!

 How The Holistic Dentist Fits In

The results of one research that the Centennial dentists did earlier this year suggest that there is a direct link between your oral health and your overall health. This is because there are so many blood vessels in your mouth. It allows the transference of plaque from around the teeth into the arteries, potentially causing blockages. In addition, bacteria can get into the bloodstream and travel around the body. There have been cases of brain infections being linked to bacteria in the mouth.

If oral and overall health is connected then it is appropriate for a dentist to consider your overall health before deciding on the best oral treatment and prevention techniques. That’s what a reputable holistic dentist does.

They don’t just deal with your mouth, they consider the effect on your entire body and treat you accordingly.

You should note that this doesn’t mean they shun technology. Holistic dentists prefer to take a natural approach to deal with issues, this ensures your body is looked after as a whole. But, they are also known for having the very latest technology at their disposal.

In short, a holistic dentist is often in the position to give the best possible care.


Fluoride has been added to many water sources for years as it is believed to strengthen teeth and bones. It’s not just in the water, it’s in many kinds of toothpaste and other oral products.

Holistic dentists will avoid using fluoride products as recent evidence suggests a link between fluoride consumption and an increased risk of cancer.

Root Canal

Holistic dentists may argue against performing root canals. This is due to a concern that the procedure increases the amount of potentially harmful bacteria in the gums, increasing the risk of health issues.

Holistic dentists prefer to work with the root they have, cleaning the infection and rebuilding around it. The bonus is that this can often be the cheaper option!

Mercury In Filings

Mercury is known to be poisonous and yet it is a key ingredient in black fillings. Holistic dentists won’t use this type of filling to prevent mercury from being in your mouth and potentially entering your bloodstream.

New Techniques

Where traditional dentists will drill the tooth to create a gap for filling material, holistic dentists believe that drilling can damage the tooth further and allow bacteria into the body. Instead, they will use ozone therapy and other techniques to resolve the issue for you.

Holistic dentists are generally progressive and worth considering. You may be surprised at the level of care and how good you can end up feeling.