Businesses should not undermine their role in preserving the environment. And with the stringent laws enforced by governments worldwide to protect the environment, businesses are constrained to take the matter seriously.

Efficient waste management is one of the impactful ways of protecting the environment. And to attain it, a baler machine is the perfect equipment.

What is a Baler Machine?

You can regard a baler machine as a piece of machinery that allows businesses to sort the waste they generate at the source, store it and eventually bundle it. You can either purchase or lease such machines, according to your convenience and budget.

The machines come with different capabilities, so you need to choose a machine carefully to suit your needs. For example, balers can handle specific substances, such as plastics, wood, aluminum, etc. It would help if you considered factors like the size, volume, and ease of use while choosing a baler machine for your business.

A notable aspect of investing in a baler is that you can earn from it apart from saving on waste transport costs. You can sell waste to recycling companies that purchase uncontaminated recyclates.

Baler Machine
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How do Balers Work?

The working mechanism of a baler machine is simple. You need to place the waste in the in-feed opening that subsequently goes to an accumulation chamber, which, when it gets full, the machine gets switched on. After that, the pressing plate crushes the waste material. Once the crushing is done, a small bundle, called bale, forms, bound using plastic banding or wire for convenient handling when disposing of.

How Do Balers Help in Waste Management?

Waste management becomes an easy affair with a baler machine in place. And that is why businesses need to invest in a baler machine as part of their waste management strategy. The machine eliminates manual labor in getting rid of the waste and ends the inconvenience of storing recyclables like plastic bottles, paper, cans, and cardboard boxes.

What Waste Streams Do Balers Can Tackle?

We have already said that a baler machine cannot handle all kinds of waste. Specific balers can handle the particular waste. Here are the types of waste for balers to handle:
  • Barrels
  • Drums
  • Foil
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Fibrous materials
  • Plastic trays and containers
  • Plastic packaging
  • Plastic PET bottles
  • Shredder waste
  • General production waste
While some balers can handle a specialized type of waste, others can handle multiple waste types.

What are the Benefits of Balers to Businesses?

The benefits of owning a baler machine span beyond waste management for businesses. The following are the benefits of investing in a baler machine:

Balers can help you recover significant amounts of money you spend in purchasing them as they lead to savings on landfill taxes and waste collection. Besides, you can also sell the waste to recycling firms to generate cash.

With governments imposing stricter laws for environmental protection and preventing cross-contamination, balers are the perfect channels to avoid fines.

Balers pose lesser hazards in the events of waste catching fire as compacted waste burns slower than uncompacted waste.

A baler can save you space as it stores the waste within itself, and some balers come with smaller designs that make them ideal for small spaces.

Investing in a baler elicits a good return on investment. You can buy a brand new baler or a refurbished model, depending on your budget. Besides, you also have the option of renting a baler at a discounted price.

Your brand image will go up as the public usually prefers businesses that care for the environment. The likelihood of your business growth becomes more with the possession of a baler.

How to Choose the Right Baler?

As in the case with any machine, purchasing the right baler for your business is not an easy affair. It is a thought-provoking process. You should plan the purchase carefully as there are many baler models available in the market.

You need to consider a variety of considerations to choose the right baling machine for your business.

Here are the essential factors for you to consider:

Type of Waste Material

As different types of balers handle different types of waste materials; you need to determine the type of waste your prospective baler will handle.

Whether Single Ram or Two Ram

If you want a baler to handle easy-to-compress waste materials, such as office waste, shredded paper, and soft plastic, go for a single ram baler. And for harder to compress waste materials, like plastic bottles, a two ram baler is the ideal choice. But, there is also a thing to keep in mind, a single ram machine is more automated than a two ram; therefore, it requires less labor to produce bales.


Businesses need balers to protect the environment and keep the surrounding environment clean. While purchasing a baler, choose the right one, considering your future business growth.