Do you have an awesome idea for your next project that involves cats? We’ve got you covered! All the clipart we provide is in vector format. You can resize and edit them how you want. Here are some illustrations to inspire you and help to help you get started!

We love cats! And if you love them too, you’re in for a treat. We have cats in all colors, shapes, breeds, and styles. We even have them in different moods. You’ll almost hear the happy cats purring in your head. Or the angry ones hissing! 

The adorable cat family

The Halloween cat you don’t want to mess with 

Cats that might be smarter than you 

Cats with big heads

Different cat breeds

Sleepy cats (their favorite hobby) 

Cats just being cats 

Cats with their humans 

We hope you like this free collection and don´t forget to check our complete free animal clipart collection. In Vectorfair we have a treasure trove of free animal clipart for you to use. You’ll find almost any kind of animal you want, from adorable cats to graceful flamingos.