Festival gifting isn’t just a thoughtful gesture for friends and relatives. It is a meaningful way to appreciate clients, express gratitude, and acknowledge their efforts in teamwork and business gains. Finding gifts for your clientele is not a straightforward job. You need to think about their sensibilities and interests while choosing a festival gift.

The pandemic has influenced corporate gifting. Companies are thinking outside of conventional gift options and considering making wellness contributions for their employees, freelancers, and business associates. While a box of sweets or dry fruits is still the first preference in client gifting, health-infused products for relaxation, stamina, and overall wellness are gaining limelight. Let us browse through some novel and memorable festival gift ideas for clients and patrons.

Bonsai tree to plant luck and hope

Plant lovers love the concept of putting greenery at home and workspaces. Consider giving your clients Bonsai miniature trees for their desk space. It reinforces the role of installing green aesthetics in living areas. A Bonsai, in Japanese tradition, drives peace, luck, and harmony. Gift this incredible plant to people linked to your business and potential clients. It will make your festival gift for customers eco-loving and set an example to them on environmental care.

Wine glasses for after-hour moments.

Drinking excellent wine is one of life’s most civilized pleasures. Wine drinking and gifting are gaining a soft spot in the business. Young corporates and mid-age management professionals like to spend their afternoons and evenings with a glass of premium wine.

Gifting a lovely wine glass set is a worthier and prestigious business gift for your clients. It will also help convey your admiration of the fine things in life and help you take part in their celebrations.

Business wallet and cardholders for business tours

Venturing into new markets demands business travel to get the first hang of market dynamics. For a globe-trotting traveller, business essentials like a visiting card and other travel documents like a passport or visa hold high importance. Gift your clients a set of premium leather wallets and a leather case to make their cards and currency look professional and business-like. A business card is the first impression of a client and his company, so choose the best leather items that won’t wear off quickly.

Gourmet gifts for that divine taste

Whether your client is a work-from-home professional or a frequent traveller, chocolates and confectionary items are an anytime delight for them. Send your clients fruit baskets, baked goods, handmade chocolates, caramel nougat, or roasted dry fruits to make them relish their association and partnership with you.

Corporate Diary for female employees

Whether an administrative assistant or a strict lady boss, a working woman has to keep her business appointments and plans in order. A diary is her weapon to honour professional commitments and fulfil official duties. Gift a leather-bound journal to your lady client to help her deliver business-related work efficiently.

Creative pieces to appreciate art

Art has many expressions. It is common to see abstract paintings on the walls of business corridors and conference rooms. Gift a miniature-size painting ahead of the festival this year. It will warm the cockles of your clients’ hearts. You can also explore ethnic craft items of home decor, Buddhist artefacts, and collectables for gifting.

Smartphone holder for seamless protection

A multi-tasking professional knows the importance of smartphones and Wi-Fi in business tasks. With all-day connectivity and comfort a business essential these days, a smartphone holder shall make your client desk-proud. This one-piece corporate executive gift is a combination of effortless style and performance for your clients who prefer form and function at the same time.

Personalized Journal for important dates and memories

A journal helps one put down thoughts and ideas for future reference. Whether it is putting down reminders for self or personal follow-ups, it helps to list individual priorities that matter the most. Gift one such journal in brown, black, or tan to your clients with name-embossing on the cover. It will make your client smile with this personal gesture of yours.

Gift cards for easy selection.

Give up thinking and research on what to gift. If you are running short of festival gift ideas for your corporate clients, a gift card is one of the most comfortable options. You can select your gift from online channels and offline stores according to your budget and price range. There are many options for gift cards. Go for email gift cards, corporate gift cards, and physical gift cards from fashion stores. It saves your time and gives your client the freedom of choice.


Gifting extends celebration moments. Your clients may have independent choices. Choose a gift after analyzing your clients' interest areas and likes. Do festival shopping for your clients when you have made a cost comparison on e-commerce platforms and retail stores. Aspire to create uniqueness in your gift selection, packaging, and delivery.