If you would try to analyze the work of a woman then you would be stunned to know about it. Most women try to balance their family and housework with that of their careers. In today’s world, we know that there are two worlds which are the indoor world and thfv world outside the house. It is very important to balance both the world but this process of balancing is a task for women for sure.

Believe me or not but women always prefer to style simple when they are at home but they style like a dive when they are outside the house. This transition from a simple look to a stylish and fashionable look is just too fascinating. You might be wondering how to do this transition very smoothly. Well, we have got you covered as here we would share some of the most amazing transform tips. Following these tips, you would be able to turn your simple style into a fashionable look in just a few minutes.

Here you have to keep some materials or products handy so that you can achieve the transition amazingly. If you would know about some of the products then things would become very easy for you. Here Fashionterest has brought how you can easily transform your simple look into a glamorous fashionable look in few minutes:

Following some style icons would help you a lot:

The first thing that you should do to look stylish and fashionable is to know about some statement styles. It would be great if you would follow some of the best style icons to follow how they dress up from simple to glam look. You would be able to learn a lot of style tricks and tips by following style icons which is a great thing.

Layer clothes or choose oversized dresses as that helps a lot:

You would be amazed to know that layering your clothes can actually make you look really very cool. You can layer up some thin pieces of clothes but make sure that the layers match with each other. There are so many things that women can wear and layer to make the outfit look perfectly stylish. You can also get oversized clothes and that can make you look the most stylish. Stealing your boyfriend’s big T-shirt would help you in this case.

Try bold things while keeping your comfort zone in mind:

You might assume that coming out of your comfort zone is very important to make you look fashionable but that’s not completely. You can of course think of some fashionable dresses or clothes without being uncomfortable which is just so amazing. You can try different colours

while you buy your clothes and this would not technically make you uncomfortable but you will look stylish. You can go for different tops and bottoms and it would be great if you will mix-match things to create your own stylish look.

Some fun accessories would always amp up your look:

Accessories have to be the best thing that would always save your look rather makes you look fashionable. There are so many amazing accessories that you would find for yourself and you should invest in bold pieces. You can have the trending knotted hair hand as that looks so stylish and trendy at the same time. You can also go for some cool scrunchies and good sunglasses would be best if you are going outside on a sunny morning. You can also go for a statement belt as that would help in making you look the best.

Statement jewellery would already make you fashionable:

Jewellery is one such thing that many women like to wear and jewellery has its own section that women love to collect. If you wore a very simple dress and don’t want to do a lot of makeup then statement jewellery would help you a lot.

There are so many statement jewellery sets online that you would surely fall in love with. You just have to select the kind of jewellery you want to carry to make your look fashionable. You can go for a bold neckpiece or you can also go for a statement earring piece for yourself.

Be very particular while you select the statement shoe for yourself:

Shoes need to be very comfortable as you would be walking or running while you are in your shoes. Sometimes it is very important that you slightly shift from your comfort zone and get some amazing shoes. A statement shoe would always make you look very fashionable. People actually notice your shoes when they see you for the first time and you need to be ready for that. Go for some bold wedges with pastel or bold colours. Going for bright red, yellow or pink would be the best idea for you that you need to try out. If you want to keep it simple and comfortable for casual dress-up then sneakers or trainers will be best. Here are some designer shoe options from Atterley women's designer trainers that are not just pretty, but highly comfy and lasting.

The right kind of eye makeup and lipstick would always help you:

If you want to glam up your look then you should know about the right kind of eye makeup. The eye makeup that you would choose should depend on the occasion you are going to attend. The smoky eye look and the glam glitter look are in trend.

Even if you don’t wear any makeup then also you might just want to add some lip colour to your lips. It is a good idea to have some good lipstick colours in your collection. Having a good bright red, pink and a perfect nude colour is absolutely recommended.