For any business, the primary goal is to offer the best customer experience. Who doesn’t want to impress people with their services so that they come back? Not only that, if someone is happy with a brand, they also tend to tell their family and friends about it. Another great way to enhance your relationship with customers is to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a tool. SEO can achieve a lot more than driving traffic to your website. When used correctly, SEO can be a potent tool that can enhance your customer experience.

But it’s important to understand that SEO services aren’t just about launching your website. It’s also about offering searchers up-to-date and reliable information and a great user experience. Ensuring good content and a well-functioning website are some of the best ways to attract potential customers, which a digital marketing company can do for you. So, read on to see how SEO optimized website can improve the customer experience.

Offer the Visitors a Great User Interface

Its SEO score reflects a shabby user interface of a site. Also, complicated and challenging websites to navigate or have poor linking or design cannot catch the visitors’ attention. Besides that, bounce rate and session duration are other factors that impact SEO. If the sessions are too short, the score will be lowered. For engaging your viewers on your site, you need to make their experience meaningful. Ensure that customers can easily navigate to your service pages and those pages are useful and full of relevant information. Grab the attention of customers by embedding rich media such as catchy images, infographics, or videos. The content page must be broken up with headers and subheads, using relevant keywords to enhance readability and keyword rankings. It’s even better if you include metadata along with internal and external links.

Help Customers Find What They are Looking For

Customers usually use search engines to find out how to use some products or solve some problem related to a product. If you create content that resolves these concerns, then SEO can work wonders for you. Therefore, you should consider mapping out your customer’s journey and finding the potential challenges and issues in each stage. Also, create good content for each step that answers all customer queries. For example, while at the discovery stage, highlight all the product features, advantages, and case studies. You should aim at product comparisons, detailed white papers, product guides, and consumer testimonials for the consideration stage. Your focus should be on pricing pages, buying guides and deals, and reviews for the decision stage. Then for the service stage, highlight all FAQs, user guides, support pages, etc. By optimizing content for each step, you’ll improve customer experience in a big way.

Post Relevant Content

Content marketing and SEO services are the buzzwords these days. Focusing on the relevant content like blogs, videos, etc., for your audience is a significant contributor to how a brand ranks. Google decides the experts in every industry based on the content being produced. So, create value-adding content that enhances your SEO and customer’s experience. For example, blogs help in building your SEO while improving customer experience. Besides, updating your website regularly with new content improves your SEO. So, get in touch with an excellent digital marketing agency in india that can do all this for you and enables you to enhance your customer experience.

Improve Site Speed

Your website’s speed is an essential factor. Google uses site speed as a key ranking factor since 2010. Recently, Google also started considering mobile site speed to check the mobile search rankings. You can envisage the effect of the site speed and rank on the SERPs. A faster site has SEO advantages and has a significant impact on UX, CX, and engagement levels. Therefore, if you want to benefit from SEO, you need to improve your site’s speed. By doing that, you will also notice a better customer experience.


Mobile-first is when you design a mobile version of your website before you create a desktop version. Though many opt for a responsive design, mobile-first is the best. Mobile-first has three main benefits:
  • Enhances the user experience for your site
  • Performs exceptionally well for backward compatibility
  • Google loves the mobile-first versions and prefers them in case of search engine results pages
This means that you should focus on a great mobile design to get a better and faster web experience on all screens and devices.

Encourage Reviews

Quality reviews always help to differentiate you. While reviews have a small ranking signal when it comes to SEO, they do play a significant role in determining if a customer will take your service or not. Data shows that for almost 90% of customers, buying decisions are motivated by online reviews, which they usually trust as personal recommendations. So, it’s essential to care about customers and offer them a great experience to provide a useful review for you.

Google’s algorithms are undoubtedly complex, but their goal is pretty simple. It is to place the most relevant and useful information in front of its users to have the best-ever experience. If you make this your goal, too, you can easily win at the SEO game.