There could be a couple of reasons for wanting to find out at an inmate’s bail. Since being arrested is deemed embarrassing, a lot of people will want to keep it secret for fear of retribution from friends and family. If you want to bail someone out of jail faster, there are a couple of ways you can know the amount to be paid and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Get in Touch With Courthouse

The courthouse will be the first place to check since the judge will be the one that is responsible for setting the bail amount. You can be presented with the information as long as you can provide the necessary details about the defendant that is required by the court. You can check out the courthouse’s contact information by going through the local directory or researching the information online.

Understanding the bail process is crucial when trying to assist someone in custody. For those needing prompt and efficient service without breaking the bank, consider reaching out to an affordable bail bondsman.

Ask The Lawyer

The lawyer handling the case is also likely to know the details of the bail amount. If legal counsel is needed, the court will be responsible for informing the attorney about the bail amount for the client. You’ll still need specific information about the defendant in order to know the amount.

Contact the Bail Bondsman

The bail bondsman will be contacted if the defendant cannot post bail. He or she will reach out to the court to do an inmate search and find about the bail amount that needs to be paid. Bail bond agents work closely with courts and it will be easy for them to get such information. Working with a bail bondsman is preferred for a couple of reasons:

Making Bail Affordable

When working with a bail bonds company, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the amount. Most agents will charge 10% of the bail amount. It doesn’t matter how much the bail amount is, you’ll need to pay the one-tenth to secure your release. It should be noted that the amount is not refundable but is worth it in the end as you get to get out of jail even if you don’t have the full amount. There is no need to worry about financial strain because of the arrest.

Shorten The Period You Spend in Jail

A case can go on for months or even years. If you can’t afford to post bail, there will be no other option but to stay in jail for the whole case. You’ll have to be in jail until the court date. This could be inconvenient when you still have to prepare for trial. There is also the risk of losing your job as a result of staying behind bars for too long. With the help of a bail bond agency, you can get out of jail at any time of day or night.

No Need For Financial Scrutiny

It will not be a good idea to pay for the bail amount out of pocket when the prosecutor wants to find out every detail that could be tied to the case. The court might want to find out where you’re getting the money to afford bail, especially if it’s a big amount. You don’t want to trigger new investigations when you already have an ongoing case. To avoid financial scrutiny, it’s recommended that you’re working with a bail bondsman.


As we’ve already mentioned, not many people want to know that they’ve been arrested. Working with a bail bond agency will ensure that only you or your close friend knows about the arrest. Bail bond companies take confidentiality seriously. They know how intimidating it can be to reach out for help after being arrested. Not everyone will be willing to help.

Expanding Payment Options

Most bail bond companies offer flexible payment options. Even if you don’t have cash, the majority of them will accept credit card payments. Some court districts also allow you to pay with a credit card when posting bail.

Saves Time

If you’ve been arrested for the first time, you are likely not aware of how the court systems operate. Even if you have the means to post bail, you might find yourself spending more time in jail than necessary because of the different processes involved. Bail bond agents are familiar with the process, having done it countless times. They can get you out of jail even if it’s in the middle of the night.