Snapback Hat
With a six-panel construction and low to medium profile, the unstructured snapback hat is a fashion essential. The hat is easily identifiable due to its shapeless crown. The structured hats have a stiff crown due to the buckram reinforcement, which helps keep the shape intact even if you're not wearing them.

On the other hand, unstructured hats have a soft crown that falls as they don't have any additional support. They have a wide flat brim that allows for more space at the front for prints or logos.

The snapback gets its name from the snapback closure. This adjustable strap makes it a one-size-fits-all style, which literally looks cool on anyone who pairs it with the right clothing. Here's a look at some of the looks you can create with the classic unstructured snapback hat.

Everyday Smart Look

An unstructured snapback is ideal for sprucing up your everyday look. It's a great way to add some color and texture to your casual attire. Choose a bright, vibrant hat and pair it with a white/ black t-shirt and washed jeans or shorts.

You can complete the look with canvas trainers. If you like, you can also throw a light jacket or a flannel shirt over it. The low-profile of the unstructured cap gives a low-key chic look.

Minimalist Casual Look

Snapback is so versatile that it will pair naturally well with any of your casual looks. You can match it with your solid tees and washed jeans or trousers. Just go with any neutral, earthy, or pastel hue to achieve a minimalist look.

Pair it up with plain block colors on the top half and dark button-up or chinos down below. This look is pretty simple, so it's better to avoid overly bold print or logos.

Finish off your look with a pair of clean white sneakers. Wear your unstructured snapback hat facing forward with the brim pointed at 90 degrees angle to reveal more of your face and hair.

Street Style/ Hip-Hop Look

Snapbacks with edgy, bold prints, logos, and graphics truly complement hip-hop street styles. Choose a black snapback with white embroidery and style it with a statement hoodie or leather jacket. Cargo pants or wide-leg chinos with a pair of chunky sneakers are perfect for tying your look together.

The sassy attitude that snapbacks project makes them an ultimate accessory for such looks. Keep the brim facing forward or, if you feel more confident, then at the back, completing it with an oversized graphic tee, bomber jacket, ripped jeans, and a pair of fun sneakers.

Snapbacks merge flawlessly with your casual looks but be sure that you don't pair them with your formal or semi-formal attire. If you wish, you can wear them backward seldomly; however, you should never wear them sideways. Try to be simple with your look and avoid over-the-top prints.

A plain cap with a simple logo will go with almost all your outfits. Pair your vibrant snapbacks with subdued attire. Lastly, any style you choose must fit your personality. If you can wear a snapback confidently, you sure will rock the perfect look.