Creating an online portfolio to get the project into online marketplaces is a challenging task. Still, our online experts from Premium Dissertation UK are always here to keep you up-to-date about the latest news and trends because the world is growing at a rapid pace, and we don’t want to see you behind this race: 


  • You need to keep your portfolio lean and clean.
  • Keep adding new or recent publications to your portfolio and keep it current.
  • Don’t forget to include your best words in your portfolio
  • Don’t try to neglect your recent work; always show it
  • You should include the work that you want to do more, and your portfolio should reflect your inner self and your expertise.
  • Make different types of portfolios related to various fields or niches according to your different expertise, like generalist writing portfolio, creative portfolio, report writing portfolio, and resume writing portfolio.
  • You should make multiple portfolios and you can share these on your social media like LinkedIn so people will see that how different work you can do or what you cannot do, so that they could hire you easily without any hesitation.
  • You should keep updating your portfolio regularly, sometimes people forget to update it when they get new orders and keep on using old portfolio.
  • Always try to post links to articles rather than posting our PDF files to the world; it shows more professionalism in your portfolio.
  • Following are some of the forearms suggested by premium dissertation UK experts that are best for creating online portfolios:
  6. is an online forum or website where writers share their work and give likes to their clients. So, anybody on social sites and marketplaces can access your portfolio quickly and award you their projects wisely. And yeah! You will be paid for your tasks, and your revenue will generate more income.

Another significant site is LinkedIn! How can we forget to give credit to this site? This site is techy but so helpful in fetching and building links with clients worldwide. Other freelancers and online workers are also there in millions of numbers. You can also connect to them and see their work. How to Make the Best LinkedIn Profile? How do they use LinkedIn for their online profiles and portfolios and earn jobs?

Facebook pages are also beneficial for sharing your work, building traffic, and upscaling your expertise. They have limitless benefits and advantages.

Share your portfolios in online marketplaces that are having a world in their own self like Fiverr, Upwork, True lancer, Freelancer, and much more sites that are waiting for your portfolios and expertise, don’t forget to explore all these sites.

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We must say that your portfolio is the first impression given to your new clients because previous converted clients may have seen your work in their projects, but attracting new clients demands updated and rich portfolios that you need to provide for getting projects. It is said that there are two types of clients in online marketplaces are from online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer. These are online clients, and other clients may be from other than sites like social media sites; these clients are known as offline clients, but you should try to get clients from online sources to offline, and definitely, you will get your favorite clients and convert them even as your permanent clients by offering more quality services to them. Some online service providers have expertise either little or to expert level but they have a problem that they don’t have their desired portfolios according to their knowledgeable field.