E-commerce Website
As a business owner, you understand the importance of an effective website. In today’s digital era, a strong online presence is even more vital, especially if most of your sales are completed online. Whether your company sells cupcakes, clothing or something in between, your e-commerce site needs to convert visitors into buyers in order for your business to be successful. Read on for recommendations to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Clean and Attractive

It may seem basic but being clean and attractive is the foundation of an impactful e-commerce website. If a consumer goes to your homepage and it is full of advertisements, links are broken, the format is confusing or the content is not complete, you will lose that potential buyer before they even get to know your product. As most of your business is conducted online, think of your website as a storefront. You wouldn’t leave your shop cluttered and disheveled, would you? It should be the same approach to your website.

In order to be effective, the site needs to have a polished look and be easy to navigate. If you manage the site, take time to evaluate the look and content and make any updates. Otherwise, bring in a professional to provide perspective and help make changes.

You can also bring in a representative from your sales department for the task. Your sales staff knows what consumers are looking for and how to present the products in an enticing way. They can provide valuable input on changes to increase conversion. As many salesmen are compensated based on their sales, consider giving any representatives that assist sales bonuses as payment for helping make the site more successful.

Live Chat

Adding a live chat feature can also make a big impact on consumers. Consider for a moment that you are a buyer looking at a site and you have a question about the product. You are very interested in purchasing but want to get your question resolved first. You go to the FAQs page but still need some clarification. You are on your lunch break so you do not have time to make a phone call to customer care. What do you do?

Live chat is the perfect solution for this question. Whether a consumer is on the fence or has a long list of questions they need answered, live chat gets them a resolution quickly so he or she can move forward with purchasing. This not only helps customers but can also increase your conversion rate. By answering any questions from the get-go, you keep consumers interested in your product as well as provide excellent customer service support. Imagine the ease of mind they will have moving forward with any transactions, knowing your company values and taking care of their customers.


While reviews for businesses can be found on numerous websites, the advantage of adding them to your site is that you have complete control over which reviews are shown and when. Add a page on your site specifically for reviews you have generated. Considering adding one or two of the best reviews to your homepage. This will give consumers a taste of the great things others are saying about you, even if they do not look at every single review.


Adding an upsell option is an excellent way to increase sales. This should show up after a user has added an item to the online cart. You know they already intend to make a purchase, so you want to take advantage of that status and make other recommendations. For example, if you rent party products and a user adds a tablecloth to his or her order, add a pop-up asking if any additional items are needed, such as cups, napkins or plates. You can easily increase the sale just by recommending a few relevant items.

By applying these recommendations, you are not only providing a better consumer experience but increasing your online sales conversion. Though it may take time to complete, the end result is worth the work. Get started researching and applying these updates to your e-commerce site today.