First Apartment
Are you finally moving into your own apartment? No more parents to tell you what to put in your room, no more dorms to confine you in small space – just your grown-up apartment that needs plenty of decorating and furnishing. Well, if you're stuck with the idea of decoration and you're not sure where to start from, we have some fabulous suggestions that will help you set up a stunning apartment décor without breaking the bank.

Know your taste

It’s essential that you know what you like to be able to decorate your apartment tastefully. If you end up picking up random items left and right, they won’t come together as beautifully as if you were purchasing them with a specific scheme in mind. That’s why you should start looking up inspiration online the minute you know you’ll be moving into your apartment. It’ll take several days or even weeks to figure out whether you want to go with a neutral colour scheme and go more modern, or if you’d prefer an eclectic style where you can throw in numerous different eras and designs to create your own little heaven.

Don’t shop on an impulse

Once you’ve realized what style you’re gonna go for, it's time to shop. However, don't be one of those people who instantly spend hundreds of dollars on a pure impulse. You don't need everything now. So, start small and shop for the essentials first. New sets of plates, cutlery and bathroom supplies are a must. A bed, a mattress and a sofa for the living room will be used from day one. The same goes for the coffee table and dining room furniture. If you have a stove in the apartment, just grab mugs, cups and essentials for the kitchen that you won't be able to go without from the moment you move in. Then, when all the essentials are in place, you can plan for spending the rest of the budget on less crucial pieces of furniture.

Look for dual-purpose furniture

When you start shopping for furniture, it would be a good idea to invest in double-duty sofas, beds and ottomans. That is especially convenient for small apartments that don’t have plenty of storage space. With additional storage in your sofa, bed, or ottoman, you’ll be able to store everything from shoes, bags, bed sheets, blankets and anything that cannot fit into your closet. Pull-out sofas and dining tables can double as work-from-home desks, so if you're building an office in your apartment too, these can be a terrific choice. No space for a side table? Get a bar cart that will serve the dual purpose of being a side table.

Dress up rooms with details

Getting some greenery is always a great choice for interior design. If you’re not garden-savvy then it’s best to get a plant that’s easy to keep in life. A snake plant is one of the best choices that will both look nice in your place and stay alive despite you forgetting to water it. Getting a whimsical headboard for your bedroom is another way to dress up your room and create a focal point. Browse through a selection of stylish throws and pick one or two to swap between, and cover your bed with gorgeous fabric. You'll have a nice cover to keep you warm during naps and to create a visually pleasing image upon entering the room.

Know where to splurge and where to save

This is probably the most important advice you'll pick up. When you start decorating your first apartment, chances are you won't have an entire fortune to invest in all the furniture. That's why you should spend smart and only splurge on several items. A firm mattress is one of those items because it must be comfortable and offer good support to your back. You should also feel free to splurge on a living room sofa, and dining room table and chairs. Those are essential items that you'll use most of the time, and you shouldn't be stingy during shopping. The items that you don't have to break the bank for include drapes, throw pillows, area rugs, duvets, and artwork.

Accept hand-me-downs

Feel free to accept used furniture from your parents, siblings, friends. As long as they're still functional and fit into your home décor, you should accept them and save on tons of money you'd otherwise spend on an armchair or ottoman. Parents and relatives are sometimes too eager to give away their old furniture that's been crowding their space for too long, that they'll literally force you into accepting it. Resist the pressure, and only go for the pieces that you absolutely love, and will make good use of.

Final thoughts

Decorating your first apartment will be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. However, as long as you know where to start, how to shop and what to invest in, you'll have no trouble creating the most comfortable and beautiful apartment for yourself.