You may not be aware of it, but gas struts are at all the places. If you are searching for a smooth lifting motion to open a door, hatch, window, or something else, it is certain that there will be a gas strut involved in the operation. So whether you are an Engineer searching to stock up on an important item, or you are a homeowner wanting to replace a broken strut, it may be better to buy a gas strut window sooner rather than later from Gas Strut Windows AU.

The issue is that if you are not a professional and do not know what you are searching for, it may be a struggle to get the right gas strut for the job. Even if you have been fitting a strut for years, it may still be a challenge to select the right one which you require. So keeping that in mind, here is a short guide on how to make sure you order the right one.

What do you know about gas struts?

If you are not an expert, you may not be knowing what are gas struts actually. You may not realize that gas struts are ubiquitous. They are used to open doors, windows, and hatches that require opening and closing action. The reason for their usefulness is that they are hydraulic, which means they depend completely on pressure to operate, and this provides a guarantee that you will have a smooth closing and opening motion. So now you are aware of what Gas Struts are and why they are useful, how you can find the perfect one?

The Selection Process

Various Gas Struts are useful for a number of things. Some are longer than others and some are able to lift more than others. This means that there are small criteria that are to be looked out for when choosing the perfect gas strut for the job.

Fixed Force - to look for a suitable match for the old ones and switch them over easily, thanks to the number of fixed force gas struts. From 6 millimetre rods to 14-millimetre versions for more powerful tasks, options for all types of functions are available. Custom-sized gas struts can be ordered and the old ones can be refilled also.

Stainless steel - stainless steel Gas Struts are best for sterile or corrosive environments like medical or marine applications. You can match the existing gas struts and get them delivered the next day. 2 years warranty on all of the replacement gas struts is available. They are perfect for the food industry as they can be washed without the risk of getting corroded.

Adjustable - the gas struts are ideal for when the force is not known, prototypes, and one-off jobs. Adjustable force gas struts are pre-set to the max. The force they are rated to. At the end of the strut, there is a release valve that permits gas to be thrown out of the strut and decreases its force. This permits fine-tuning when the gas strut is mounted still.


Irrespective of your project, you need not worry about getting the perfect strut. As long as you know what you are searching for, you should be confident that the supplier has the specific struct which you wanted, get in touch with the manufacturer and they would be able to design one for you according to your requirement.