We Are Social and Hootsuite worked together on this new edition of Digital Report 2021. A study on the use of social networks, key figures, the different uses, the time spent on the Internet, or even the favourite online activities of Internet users.

75.9% of French people are on social networks

Here are some key figures from the Digital Report 2021: 91% of the French population has Internet access in 2021 (59.47 million Internet users), which is 2.5% more than last year. Slightly fewer of us are active on social media: 75.9% of the population, which represents 49.6 million active users and an increase of 12.8% from last year. Particularly interesting statistic: 96.1% of active users of social networks connect from a mobile.

This new communication channel can promote the development of a company by increasing its visibility. How to use it remains to be seen on 5e Frightened.

Install chatbots

These virtual programs are able to chat, respond to requests and provide services. They are used by the biggest platforms like Facebook, WeChat or Skype. This software can prove to be an effective solution to offer personalized and rapid help to Internet users. The benefits for businesses are substantial. This allows for a greater presence on messaging platforms, direct conversion with customers, and 24/7 interaction. For example, Orange uses destructive wave 5efor its customer service or on its page, "The 12th man", devoted to sports news, to win gifts. The Arte television channel also used this process to promote its “Transfers” series on Facebook Messenger in November 2017. It called on the entertainment agency DareWin and its chatbot developers LiveBotter. The principle: the Internet user is transferred into the body of Sylvain Bernard, the hero of the series and must take his place during conversations with his colleagues from the Action Brigade against illegal transfer. The goal is to answer the questions by pretending to be Sylvain Bernard. The user navigates between several Messenger conversations that allowed him to gain access to the first episode of the series, in preview.

Highlight stories

Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook stories have been multiplying for several years. They seduce Internet users with their ephemeral, fun and personal side. They can thus discover the daily life of their friends or their favourite stars. Brands and companies have jumped on this success to promote their product/service, especially on Instagram and Snapchat. The two social networks have set up the “see-more” promotion tool, which allows a product or service to be highlighted via a story. This function usually occurs when the user zaps between several stories. The user then just has to click on the content at the top of his screen. It will then be directed directly to the web page corresponding to the product or service. Netflix, an American video-on-demand service, uses this process to promote its original series such as "13 Reasons Why" or "Orange Is The New Black". Badoo, the dating site, created in 2006 by Andrey Andreev in the United Kingdom, has done the same by featuring scenes where members announce that they have discovered love through the site.

Establish advertising or partnerships on YouTube

The video hosting website appears to be an excellent promotional and visibility tool for businesses. On YouTube, advertisements can be broadcast by following different pricing methods, all adopting the “TrueView” model (ad format broadcast on a reading page before, during or after viewing, editor's note). The user can deactivate or choose to watch the advertisement after five seconds. Companies will only be paid when the user views it for at least thirty seconds. The average cost of broadcasting a YouTube advertisement is set between three and ten cents. The partnership between companies and YouTubers is also appreciated by most young people. The French mutual insurance group, MMA has joined forces with Studio Danielle, the most popular granny on the internet who regularly streams videos with her sidekick Arthur, twenty-five. We discover the daily life of this sixty-three-year-old woman and her sometimes incredible situations. His Facebook page has more than 1.3 million subscribers. To promote these insurance policies and its road safety campaign, the company featured Danielle and Arthur in mini-videos on YouTube: the youngster played the role of the alcoholic person who seeks to return from the evening with his vehicle, while the granny urged him not to take it.

Social networks are also developing within firms. These "enterprise social networks" ("social networks of companies", in French, editor's note) such as Workplace and Slack are places of professional exchange accessible to the employees of a company and potentially to customers, suppliers and shareholders. Their objective remains to strengthen internal communication. Only 19% of them use them according to an Inside - OpinionWay survey in January 2018. These tools, therefore, remain relatively little used by employees.