This contemporary era allows anyone to make videos with maximum results by utilizing existing bokeh video applications.


Of course this type of application is many and easy to find, you can choose the application according to the skill level and also the features needed. For more information visit pondband


Best Bokeh Video App


Cinema FV-5 Lite

The first bokeh video apk that can be selected is Cinema FV-5 Lite. This one application is classified as a type that is easy to operate, both those who have just used and who are already experts.

The advantage is in the manual controls provided so that users can freely set any object to focus on.

The controls can be in the form of lighting, sharpness and contrast so as to produce high-quality videos.


Camera MX

This next application is suitable for making professional film-class bokeh videos.

Where the features in it are quite complete, starting from high resolution and video results that do not shake even though when recording shocks occur.

This application is also equipped with features that can speed up or slow down the movements in the video.

With the color adjustment, the video is classier to enjoy.


Cameringo Lite

Cameringo is included in a blur video application that is equipped with many other features. This application can adjust the focus of a shadow in the video so that it can make it sharp or blurry.

The resulting color details are truly real so it looks clear and authentic. The HD and slow motion features make editing more practical using just one application.

Of course this will really help people who want fast bokeh videos.


Bacon Camera

The next bokeh application is Bacon Camera. The advantages of this application are tangible results and also high resolution. The capture is very detailed and also very neat.


The good news is, with the many features offered, in fact, all of them are free and do not require the slightest cost in it.

This application is suitable for Android users, both beginners and experts.


Cameringo Lite

Applications similar to the Cameringo family always show their professionalism. This application is equipped with a fish eye feature that can make photos seem like they are from afar.

Of course this formation is very suitable for use when traveling together and requires sufficient space to take pictures together.

However, this application can only be used for certain smartphones, not all of them can use it.


DSLR HD Camera - 4K HD camera ultra blur effect

Do you want to have DSLR-class video quality but the budget is not sufficient? Try the following DSLR applications. Of course this application is able to present DSLR-class video quality on your smartphone.

Its features are very complete with HD results making it widely used by people who love bokeh videos.

This application is also easy to use easier than using a real DSLR.


CK47 4K Video Recorder

Need a video that sounds clear and sounds loud? This one application is the right choice.

Its main feature is a noise cancellation that can be used when recording outdoors. So that the video will focus on the main sound it is intended for.

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