Fitness Training Classes
Fitness studios offer different types of classes but you have to decide first for which purpose you want to join a class. Fitness Training Classes offers you multiple benefits but to understand which class fulfil which need you to have to read this article. Everyone knows about the health problems and the level of stress we all are facing.

Sacrificing our health is not going to pay back us. Fitness studios are offering very beneficial and interesting exercises in their classes. Group fitness classes Irvine are a fun way to achieve fitness.
Let’s discuss all types of classes one by one to have a better idea of them.

Mind and Body Classes:

The purpose of these classes is to put your body into shape and to give relaxation to your mind. A relaxed mind shows improved concentration than a stressed and tired mind. When you think the stress in your life is overburdening you, opt for a yoga and meditation retreat at Yovada and you will feel a new energy in you.

Core Yogalates:

This exercise is a mixture of yoga and Pilates. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the strength of the core, abdominal, and pelvic muscles while maintaining a balance of the body.

Flow and Restore Yoga:

In this exercise, people use props for ease and to maintain the balance of the body.


This exercise is very beneficial in increasing the strength of a body and improving its structure.

Pilates on the Ball:

This exercise includes balancing your body against a moving ball. It helps in improving your balance against your Centre of gravity and also give strength to your muscles.


Yoga increases your flexibility, strength, stability, make your bones strong, relax your mind, and provide many other benefits. Yoga is the best exercise if you want to connect with yourself.

Cardio and sculpt classes:

These classes focus on cardiovascular exercises and the strengthening of muscles. The benefits of these classes are the strength of the heart and the flexibility of muscles.

Body Fit:

This class includes high-intensity exercise steps drawn from karate and tachiai.

Core Cycle:

This high-intensity cycling class improve the strength of abdominal muscles, leg muscles, and also boost your stamina.

Indoor Cycling:

In this class, fitness studios use music to make clients enjoy the fast hill climbs and fast sprints.


It is high-intensity training to improve the health of the heart, gives strength to your body, and increase your stamina by a high level. It provides all in one benefit that’s why it is called insanity.

Jogging Group:

It is an outdoor exercise of Fitness Training Classes. In this exercise, a group of people have to complete a 5k run in a park or around the beach.


It is a cycling competition. The criteria of reward in this competition is the distance covered and the number of calories each member burn.

Muscles classes:

As the name suggests these classes focus on the strength and flexibility of muscles.

Body Blast:

You have to show your strength by pulling weight in this exercise. Every weight has specific music to motivate you for another one.


It is a high-intensity class for your core muscles. It will provide extraordinary strength to your core muscles.


This exercise class is specifically designed to target those parts that normal exercises usually ignore.

Max 100:

This class specifically include exercises that enhance the strength, flexibility and endurance of your muscles.

Pure Shred:

This exercise class is designed to shred fats from a specific part of the body. Exercises in this class burn fats from all parts of the body and reduce weight.

Six Pack:

A dream exercise class for every male. It gives tone to your abdominal muscles. For this, you have to work on each abdominal muscle.

Strength and endurance:

This class is designed to improve your athletic performance. The endurance and strength of athletes play a vital role in improving his/her performance in sports.


This article has revealed certain fitness classes with their benefits to make it easy for you to shortlist classes based on your needs. Meridian Fitness is one of the best gyms if you want to be a part of any of the above-mentioned classes. A healthy life needs your fitness and you can’t attain it without using the services of any fitness class.