Nowadays, e-businesses are becoming more popular day by day. People are starting to prefer the digital world over everything. They do not rely on physical shopping because they know they can do this in just a few clicks. Almost every business, whether a company or a grocery store, has made their online pages and given easy access to their customers. As you must visit these sites, the critical point is that these pages require much writing. Whether you are running a blog, doing social media posts, writing newsletters for companies, or advertising, almost every e-business demands writing. Now the question is, who is going to do this much writing? Because we all know this type of writing is done by experts, not ordinary people. In this article, I list 10 steps you should take while hiring quality writers.

1. Be clear about your motive

The first step you should take while finding a writer is to be clear about why you are looking at him/her. You should always be clear about what type of writing you want. Are you looking for social media posts, blog writers, article writers, academic writers, advertisement writers, etc? Many people are united to make these terms and often need clarification, or they should be clear in their terms and start looking for a writer. For instance, if they are looking for a writer for social media posts, they should ask the writer to give a similar sample work. Many people are good at writing in almost every niche, so if they show similar work and interest, you should immediately hire them.

2. You can ask your colleagues and friends for referrals

This is one of the most convenient ways to find a good writer for yourself. You can ask your network if they have a friend or colleague who is fond of or good at writing; they should refer to them. Many friends of friends have a degree in writing skills like the English language, so these kinds of people should be on your list. They are familiar with writing techniques and rules and can quickly help you write quality content.

3. Add a post on social media

Sometimes, we ask our colleagues and friends to refer us to a good writer, but often, they need to provide you. The other way to hire a writer is to post an advertisement on social media. Because people are fond of using it, you can add a post or a story on your social media accounts. You can also post posts on different social media groups; this way, you can quickly inform the larger community. While posting information, always add the necessary information, like whether you are looking for a freelance writer or a full-day writer, etc. People who want to work with you will immediately contact you directly.

4. Use different writing services

Few freelance boards that are running online; you can check them:

Content runner:

This new option is available to hire freelance writers on a per-article basis. You can use this site; if you find it interesting, you can hire a writer from there.


It is one of the oldest sites which is available to hire freelancers. On this site, writers work on a project basis. You can choose the best writer out of all, as the site has a wide range of freelance writers around the globe.


This site is similar to Elance. You can pay the writer on an hourly basis. You can easily track their work using their soft wares.

5. Ask relevant questions

If you get in touch with someone keen to work with you, ask relevant questions to test him/her. For instance, you can ask them how many words they can write in an hour? Similarly, take an interview, whether physical or online, and ask questions about writing. Ask them why they are writing? What is SEO? What is storytelling? What does digital marketing mean to them? How can you persuade people to make immediate purchases? Etc. I have listed only a few questions that are very important to ask any writer. You can Google further and take an extensive interview to understand the depth of your writing.

6. Ask for a portfolio

Many people get offended when asked to write a free article. Ask them to provide you with their previous sample work to avoid this situation. In other words, invite them to present your portfolio. Their portfolio should consist of their previous professional work. Always make sure the information they are providing is authentic or not? People often add false information, which may lead you to make a wrong decision; therefore, try to check it properly before hiring.

7. Ask for their weaknesses and strengths

While interviewing them, remember to ask this question. Ask generally; distinguish this question from a work point of view. This question will quickly help you to choose the best person out of all. So, if you have taken 10 interviews in a day, compare these people's answers. This will help you a lot to determine whether the person is perfect for you.

8. Check whether the content is semantically and syntactically correct or not

You are not asking them to write a sample on time, so you are assessing their skills from their previous work. You should always see whether their content is semantically and syntactically correct. Semantically means the content they have written makes sense, whether the words convey meanings or not. Similarly, syntactically means whether the sentence structures are grammatically correct, etc.

9. Find a good researcher

A good writer must be a good researcher because often, a writer is given a task requiring much research. When a writer has a topic on any niche, s/he should first research it to understand it properly. Research gives brilliant ideas which they can easily add to their content. Sometimes, the client provides a very vague topic that does not make sense, so a good writer must research a topic profoundly and then suggest a more specific topic to their clients.

10. Content should show the coherence

Coherence means the content you have written should

d be matched with your main topic or subtopics. People who are not experts in writing often talk about it here and there in their content. This type of content should be admired in professional writing. So, while looking for good writers, check the quality of their content. If you find their content does not lift the main idea, and other sub-ideas do not make sense with the topic, then you should avoid such writers.