Firm Mattresses
Sleeping or laying on mattresses undoubtedly takes up a great deal of most people's lives. With that said, the quality of your sleep will be affected by the type of mattress you have since mattresses can be either soft or hard. We will now take a closer look at these two types.

The Benefits Of Hard Mattresses

1. They help your body to be straighter since they ensure your spine remains in a neutral position
2. They help to lower pressure exerted on your body's circulation system. This enables a better blood flow
3. Ensures your lower back doesn't collapse. This enables you to breathe in more oxygen during sleep
4. Allow you to easily use various props such as pillows wherever you need them
5. Easy for your body to adapt to. Even though you may find a hard mattress is uncomfortable in the beginning, you will eventually find it to be very comfortable.

The Disadvantages Of Hard Mattresses

1. If you've had a soft mattress, moving to a hard mattress would be quite uncomfortable at least for many days
2. They are not great for persons who have particular lower back issues such as scoliosis, arthritis etc.
3. Difficult to tell the difference between various hard mattresses
4. Not many stores that sell mattresses tell customers which ones are solid and hard but mainly advertise mattresses that are soft. This causes a lot of issues for people who actually need a firmer mattress.
5. After awhile, body weight on the mattress will likely make permanent indentations on the mattress

The Advantages Of Soft Mattresses

1. Can help to reduce back pain and especially help older persons who have joint pain and other issues
2. People who are relatively light or slim can easily sleep on a mattress that is of medium firmness and still enjoy the soft feel while getting great support for their spines
3. Great for persons who enjoy or prefer sleeping in a fetal position or on their sides
4. Easy to make softer by adding a pillow top. This allows you to have a main firm mattress with the soft top.
5. There is always continuous research being done on ways to provide support to the body with a soft mattress

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Disadvantages Of Soft Mattresses

1. It can lower sleep quality and even make the spine come out of alignment
2. Is more expensive in comparison to firm mattresses
3. If two people are sleeping on the same bed, then they may both disagree on how much softness or hardness they desire
4. Typically gets softer over time and after a few years may be too soft to continue using
5. Usually gets a lower than average satisfaction from customers