When it comes to digital promotion, Google with its rules of the game regarding the business online presence, web advertising trends, and SEO practices that will drive traffic is a fundamental component of an overall marketing campaign in Australia. But what if Google has threatened to leave the market? What could be the reasons for such a decision of the company? Is it worth further investing in promotion, social media marketing, contextual advertising, or web design services? Let’s find out.

Closing of Google in Australia: true or false

Google company has threatened to ban access to its search engine in Australia if the country's authorities force the owners of Internet platforms to pay for the publication and distribution of content produced by local media. At the same time, lawmakers insist that through free distribution of content, unregulated organizations are constantly increasing their audiences and profits. While the industry representatives that produce this content, and especially print publications, are experiencing financial difficulties. The bill allows a number of media organizations to negotiate with Google and Facebook about how much these Internet giants will pay them for posting links to media content. Google and Facebook are fighting with the Australian federal government's plan that will force them to pay the media for original content that appears on their platforms since it would destroy the principles and the business model of search engines. Thus, Google is ready to terminate access to the search engine in the country.

Possible effects of Google’s disappearance on digital marketing in Australia

How will such outcomes affect all the businesses and companies that are engaged in SEO, pay for contextual advertising, use all Google’s promotional tactics? Obviously, Google’s exit will hurt brands and organizations that invest in services of optimization, copywriting, reputation management, and improvement of web design. Sydney experts, however, assure that in case of such a collapse of the web world, there are other alternatives and sources of traffic and lead generation.

When a company promotes its own brand, investing in PR and SERM, web design services, pay-per-click ads, it is paramount to get the highest ROI from a carefully created campaign, or all efforts will be in vain and just a waste of time. Therefore, business owners must be prepared for changes that may come at the earliest possible time in order to be able to respond wisely without losses.

So, even if Google search engine is a dominant player in digital marketing, there are some alternatives, such as Bing. Focusing on the right and efficient strategies, it is still possible to stay on track and continue gaining new clients through web promotion. Now, Bing is the second largest engine and eventually, if Google closes its doors for Australian users, Bing will become the leader, grabbing the biggest market share.

Where to get versatile web design services?

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