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Integrative medicine can be a holistic health care approach as it doesn't just focus on a single health complication but focuses on your overall wellbeing. Concierge IV Nutrition is a Beverly Hills aesthetic, functional, and integrative medicine and offers practitioners extensive training and experience. These practitioners can help you address the root cause of your health concern through science-based natural and complementary treatment. This means that you need an integrative medicine practitioner for one reason or the other, as outlined below.

To Focus on Prevention

According to Functional Medicine Associates, prevention is better than cure. This means that if you can avoid certain complications, it's better to grab the chance. This is where integrative medicine differs from conventional health care. This is because it aims to support your optimal health before a disease develops and reinforce your body's ability to heal itself. Your integrative medicine provider will utilize in-depth patient education, mind-body medicine, and lifestyle enhancements to help you prevent certain complications.

To Get a Holistic Approach Care

Your body is a system with different parts that work together for optimal operation of the entire system. This means that it can affect other parts and subsystems in your body if one part is affected. Therefore, there is a need not only to focus on the seemingly separate system in your body that may have complications but to focus on the body as a whole system, and through managing the specific health problem, other aspects of your wellbeing are taken care of.

Your integrative medicine provider considers your immediate environment, lifestyle choices, activity levels, emotional wellbeing, and social relationships to get in-depth answers about your emerging issues.

You Can Trust an Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Integrative medicine is a model that is built on relationship and collaboration. Such aspects as openness, honesty, and collaboration are emphasized in integrative medicine leading to a patient-provider relationship between you and your provider. When this is grounded in mutual respect and trust, there is nothing better than having a medical practitioner, you can trust on board. Everyone desires this, and it will come naturally.

To Get Personalized Care

Your health is unique, and the care you receive needs to reflect this. Fortunately, this is the goal of a primary care provider who offers integrative medicine. The focus is to uncover all components that affect your psychological and emotional wellbeing. An integrative medicine practitioner is also committed to uncovering the root cause of your health issue and creates an approach that meets your unique needs other than applying cookie-cutter solutions.

To Get Conventional and Complementary Treatments

Through integrative medicine, you can receive conservative and corresponding treatments that are supported by science. This is because your provider blends precisely sound allopathic methods with alternative medicine solutions that are safe and efficient. As a result, you get to receive care that encompasses all aspects of your health. This promotes good health and offers prevention and effective disease management.

Note that seeking integrative medicine has awesome benefits that are inexhaustible. Some of these benefits include improved sleep, reduced chronic inflammation, increased immunity, hormonal balance, weight loss, prenatal support, and healthy hair, skin, and nails. Your workout performance can also be enhanced, and your mental clarity and focus improved.

For any unique needs you might have, you need an integrative medicine practitioner to help you gain optimal health. You can contact Concierge IV Nutrition and schedule a comprehensive evaluation.