Dealing with a criminal charge can be a traumatizing and overwhelming experience for anyone. For this reason, having a criminal defense attorney should be at the top of the list, given the legal implications involved with a conviction.
Criminal Lawyer

You should remember, however, that not all criminal lawyers can handle the case well, so you need to be careful when hiring one. Here’s a detailed guide that can guide you through the process of hiring a criminal lawyer.

What To Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Read more to know some of the attributes you would like your criminal lawyer to possess before employing them:

Experience and Knowledge

Unlike public defenders, criminal defense attorneys specialize in cases involving misdemeanors and felonies. A skilled criminal defense lawyer is more than capable of formulating strategies that will benefit your case.

To maximize your chances of winning, be sure to hire an experienced lawyer rather than use the public defender provided by the justice system.

Strong Negotiation Skills

Several lawsuits occasionally make it to the Philadelphia law courts. Outside of the courts, criminal lawyers often try and find a way of settling a case out of court. Therefore, to reach an understanding that can be accepted by the court, good Philadelphia criminal lawyers should possess great negotiating skills.

Excellent Communication Ability

Your trial lawyer in Philadelphia needs to be both a decent speaker and an outstanding listener. It helps a lot when dealing with a client and all parties interested. Your lawyer should help you understand your situation from a legal point and in layman’s terms thanks to their strong communication skills.

They will also be able to listen to your questions closely and respond to them in the best possible way. Strong communication skills foster a good relationship between client and lawyer.
Your Ideal Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Should Be Trustworthy

Make sure you hire a professional criminal lawyer who can be trusted and honest. They should guarantee that all the information you reveal to them stays confidential.

You want to work with someone you can trust will work to the best of their ability to the maximum benefit of your case. They should also be able to inform you in good time of any developments about your legal situation.

Willingness To Find Vulnerabilities

You need to find a good attorney who can find loopholes in a case that they can leverage. It takes a lawyer with excellent problem-solving skills to go through the information provided and detect any errors and potential loopholes. For the lawyer to do this successfully, they need to be acquainted with the Pennsylvania state laws.

The Bottom Line

If you are facing criminal charges, the value of hiring the right criminal counsel to prosecute your case should not be understated. It can be a terrifying experience finding yourself in court facing a criminal charge and you have an inexperienced or inept lawyer representing you. This will only add tension to a situation that is already emotionally charged.

Verify that the lawyer holds the above qualities when hiring and ensure the lawyer is certified and committed to defending your best interests.